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Martin Christopher Kennedy (17 June 1962 – 1 November 2016), known as Bap Kennedy, was a singer-songwriter from Belfast, Northern Ireland. He was noted for his collaborations with Steve Earle, Van Morrison, Shane MacGowan[1] and Mark Knopfler,as well as for writing the song “Moonlight Kiss” which was on the soundtrack for the film Serendipity.

1990 Energy Orchard (Energy Orchard)
1993 Shinola (Energy Orchard)
1995 Pain Killer (Energy Orchard)
1996 Orchardville (Live) (Energy Orchard) Vinyl-rip (2LP)
1998 Domestic Blues
1999 Hillbilly Shakespeare
2000 Lonely Street
2005 The Big Picture
2009 Howl On
2012 The Sailor’s Revenge (2CD)
2013 Let’s Start Again (2014 Deluxe Edition, 2CD)

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  • Brad Kelley says:

    I hope some people will download this stuff and listen to it. I think Bap was one of the great songwriters around–completely unique style. I bought Lonely Street by accident, thinking that he was RAY Kennedy who had worked with Steve Earle. Nope. But Lonely Street became and remains one of my all time favorite pieces of music. Brilliant from beginning to end, and other CDs of his are fantastic as well.

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