Avital Raz – Sad Songs About the End of Love (2016)

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Avital Raz is a vocal artist who travels across many genres.Her songs may resemble old English lute songs, Indian Classical Ragas, Cabaret, Blues or Eastern-European Jewish melodies. A multi-cultured get-together of many strange characters, all rolled up into one quirky singer- songwriter. 

James Joyce- words
Avital Raz -music
Itzik Yona and Avital Raz- production
David Martin- cover art
Eyal Faran- recording and mixing
Ram Czudnowski- mastering

Itzik Yona- guitars
Hemad Kamal- sarangi
Sasha Shlain- keyboards
David Martin- vocals
Avi Agababa- percussion
E. T. Doolin- bass guitar
Ronen Tat- bass guitar
Yosef Halachmi- drums
Ali Abas- shenai
Ari Gorali- piano
Eyal Faran- tibetan bowl

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