Andrew Riverstone – Andrew Riverstone (2020)

Posted by Green on November 30, 2020as

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Andrew Riverstone’s music pays homage to blues guitarists from the 60’s Peter Green, Jeff Beck, Jimi Hendrix and west coast songwriters Neil Young, JJ Cale and Tom Petty. Dynamic, expressive guitar work draws on much experience as a touring and studio session musician. Riffs journey skywards before dropping back to earth on a rootsy rhythm, hooked in with a gritty soulful vocal line..


01. Waiting on the Other Side (Heavy Stone)
02. Sunny Monday (The Table’s Set)
03. Guitar Solos and Other Sins
04. The Living Room (Time Will Heal)
05. Midnight Special
06. When the Wind Changes (Beside With Me)
07. One Foot In the Bucket
08. Embers and Endless Sky
09. Chasing Out the Shadows

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