Amy LaVere – Painting Blue (2020)

Posted by Green on March 26, 2020as

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Amy Lavere releases her latest album ‘Painting Blue’ on Memphis-based Archer Records. Earlier this month we were lucky enough to catch Amy on one of her UK album-launch dates along with her husband, Will Sexton who also produced the album.

In his live review, Danny Neill said she left the crowd wanting more adding “Isn’t that the knack that all great artists possess, always leaving the people wanting more? That’s been my personal experience of listening to Amy LaVere for sure. I always want more albums; I’m continually keeping an optimistic eye out for more live shows. For now, though I must settle for an amazing intimate session like tonight and an equally superb new album. The one thing I can say with assuredness about Amy LaVere is that when she does re-appear and offer us some music, live or on record, it is always something worth listening to and it is certainly always worth the wait.”

While we’ve still a little wait for the release of Painting Blue, today marks the release of her new single ‘No Room For Baby’, a song she never intended to share publicly, we’re glad she did:

“‘No Room For Baby’ is one of those songs that I never intended to share publicly. Often, for me, songwriting is not unlike writing secrets in a journal, one that should have a lock and key. Titles of mine that hide in notebooks like this would include ‘Is It Worth It?’ and ‘Not While Daddy is Still Alive’ for example.

“The day I penned “No Room For Baby” it was a particularly gloomy day. I always assumed that having a child of my own would surely be part of the story. I love children and thought one day I would be a mother. I also once thought I’d be a veterinarian and a ballet dancer and an opera singer etc but time runs out on the ideas and dreams that you don’t set your mind on putting into actual motion. I have always been compelled to focus on writing and performing. Music consumed my life and still does but I also accept that through lingering in unhealthy relationships with past lovers, wasting days to alcohol and not managing bouts of depression well I’ve let many potentialities slip through my fingers.

“This musician’s traveling lifestyle isn’t very suited for raising a happy child, in my opinion. I love traveling and writing. I’m in love and I’m not unhappy. Some dreams just don’t fit. This song was painful to write, painful to record and painful to perform but maybe it can serve as a warning. Maybe it can just be something someone can relate to and cry to cathartically. For me, it’s a reminder to not squander the time I have left and to hold each moment carefully. Each decision you make today colors in all of tomorrow’s pictures in the story of your life. Don’t delay a dream.”

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