Amon Düül – Psychedelic Underground (1969/1997)

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This is probably the most rock’n roll album of all time, should you consider the mentality and atmosphere. Some psychheads will rave on for hours of the Garage bands sprouting in Southern California in the second part of the 60’s, or the Detroit proto-punk scene of 68, but obviously those purists tend to disregard anything done in Germany by early pioneers like Amon Düül and Can. So out of Munich came these “eleven adults and two children which are gathered to make all kinds of expressions, also musical” (sic), and the hippy commune eventually broke up into two units, the first is this group that will record only two real sessions, the first being a huge jam that would eventually produced three albums and four discs worth of material, the other being Paradieswarts Düül. The second part, Amon Duul II, will become much more successful, but please see that entry. BTW, Amon Düül’s name comes from an Egyptian mythological god (Amon) and a Turkish fictional character Düül.

Angelica Filanda- Vocals, Percussion
Helge Filanda- Congas, Anvil
Ella Bauer- Vocals, Percussion
Rainer Bauer- Guitar, Vocals
Ullrich Leopold- Bass
Peter Leopold – Drums
Uschi Obermaier- Percussion
Wolfgang Krischke – Piano, Percussion


1. Im Garten Sandosa 17:05
2. Der Garten Sandosa Im Morgentau 2:56
3. Bitterlings Verwandlung 2:56
4. Ein Wunderhübsches Mädchen Träumt Von Sandosa 7:50
5. Kaskados Minnelied 8:08
6. Mama Düül Und Ihre Sauerkrautband Spielt Auf 2:30

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