Allah-Las – Allah-Las (2012)

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Garage rock, even at its rowdiest, is inherently lonely music. It exists outside of time, allergic to trends and suspicious of new technologies, which makes it ideal for loners who feel alienated from culture. Garage rock also sounds solitary. If it is recorded correctly– which is to say, if it feels like the audio was captured haphazardly by an amateur engineer in 1966– this music will be alive and sloppy but also a little removed, particularly the vocals. You know a garage-rock band has done its homework if the lead singer can affect a Jagger-esque whine that comes off somewhat anesthetized, like he can’t quite bring himself to commit fully to the song or life in general.You can’t accuse Los Angeles quartet Allah-Las of not doing its homework. Three of the four members met while working at one of the country’s great record stores, Amoeba on Sunset Boulevard, where they spent countless hours studying up on the vintage sounds that compose their affectingly melancholy self-titled debut. The band formed in 2008, and worked for several years painstakingly assembling the songs on Allah-Las, first releasing the vinyl single, “Catamaran”/”Long Journey”, in 2011 and following up with two singles in 2012. All of these songs, plus the eight other tracks that make up Allah-Las, were produced by Nick Waterhouse, a fine L.A. singer-songwriter whose 2012 LP Time’s All Gone is a spirited and record-geek friendly collection of raucous 50s-style R&B thrashers.

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