Aera – The Bavarian Radio (BR) Recordings Vol. 2, 1977-1979 (2010)

Posted by Green on September 16, 2019as


Aera originated from Nürnberg, with roots going back to the late 1960. Although related to Ihre Kinder, Aera were always more of that great tradition of Bavarian/South German jazz-rock. One could compare them to other such bands as: Embryo , Missus Beastly, Munju, Moira, etc.
Whilst fronted by Muck Groh they recorded two albums that were as much Krautrock as jazz-rock, with multi-tracked guitar riffing and near on ever-present wind solos, plus violin and ex Wind drummer Lucky Schmidt on their second. After that they got jazzier, due to big changes in personnel, with wheelchair-bound saxophonist Klaus Kreuzeder taking over as leader. Further albums diversified, with Roman Bunka from Embryo joining for a while, before they returned to the patent Aera Kraut-fusion style.

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