Adam Rudolph’s Moving Pictures – Glare Of The Tiger (2017)

Posted by on June 23, 2017as

FLAC | 278 MB | LINK

We are excited to announce the first release by Adam Rudolph’s Moving Pictures in over five years. It is a perfect example of creative music looking to the future while expressing the sound of now. The amazing chemistry and collective language amongst the musicians reflects their many years of developing and performing Rudolph’s concept. These musicians each have direct and personal connections to the roots and history of jazz as they have performed with and have been mentored by key figures in 20th century creative music such as Ornette Coleman, Yusef Lateef, Roy Haynes, Don Cherry, Sam Rivers, Jon Hassel, and many more. The exceptional and modern recorded sound of Glare of the Tiger was done by longtime collaborator James Dellatacoma, head engineer at Bill Laswell’s Orange Music Studio.

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