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Tim Easton – American Fork (2016)

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Tim Easton – Not Cool (2013)

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Altough steel guitar, alt. country and rockabilly lovers are those who will probably appreciate it most, this album it’s capable of attracting a larger audience since any of you could find yourself foot tapping at its first spin in almost all of the 30 minutes running time. Surely it comes as no surprise as expected by a first class songwriter, and Tim Easton actually is.

Tim Easton – Since 1966 (Volume 1)(2011)

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The second release from Tim Easton is the primarily solo acoustic record Since 1966, Volume 1. The tracklisting offers up previously unreleased songs from Easton that were recorded everywhere from a mountain cabin to a Travelodge to Easton’s own campfire in his front yard. As expected, this record is completely laid back and not only […]