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Emily Jane White – They Moved In Shadow All Together (2016)

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Emily Jane White – Blood / Lines (2013)

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emAfter releasing three albums in three years (Dark Undercoat 2008, Victorian America 2009, Ode To Sentience, 2010), Emily Jane White wrote over 100 sketches between January 2011 and October 2012. Her new album Blood / Lines, due October 14 in the UK and November in the US, is a selected compilation of these songs. Recorded in Wain Hewlett’s studio in Sonoma County, California, the secluded and quiet environment provided a nice respite from her usual urban life. Stream lead track “Holiday Song” below…
The two previous albums were composed of songs she has been written by her but collaboratively arranged with her band prior to recording. Blood / Lines is a different, more personal record, one she was free to explore new directions and avenues, though not altogether by herself. The bass tracks were written by Darwin Meiners, the orchestral stings by Shawn Alpay, and the drums by Nick Ott. Emily Jane White feel also blessed and grateful to have Marissa Nadler’s presence on two songs (‘Faster Than The Devil” and “Dandelion Daze”).

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