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Bob Dylan – That´s Me Dob Dylan (Early Recordings) (2015)

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Bob Dylan – Shadows in the Night (2015)

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24bit FLAC | 332 MB | UL | Shadows In The Night is Bob Dylan’s newest studio album, and marks the first new music from the artist since 2012’s worldwide hit Tempest.Shadows In The Night may be the most improbable moment yet in Bob Dylan’s latterday career. By releasing a collection of standards from the Great […]

Bob Dylan – Limited Edition ~ Deluxe Box Set (2007)

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VA – Bob Dylan’s Greenwich Village- Sounds from the Scene in 1961 (2011)

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Bob Dylan – Pure Dylan: An Intimate Look At Bob Dylan (2011)

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Bob Dylan – The Best Of Bob Dylan (2005)

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Bob Dylan – Oslo 2002 (Recorded Live at The Spektrum, Oslo, Norway, April 07, 2002)

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Bob Dylan – The Picnic at Blackbushe [Blackbushe Aerodrome, Camberley, England, July 15 1978] (2012)

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Bob Dylan – No Direction Home: The Soundtrack [The Bootleg Series Vol. 7] (2005)

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Book-ended with an embryonic recording made by a high school friend and a live, boisterous take of “Like a Rolling Stone” less than seven years later, the fifth release in the Bob Dylan Bootleg series (and the soundtrack to Martin Scorsese’s Dylan documentary of the same name) proffers just how far the folk idol turned […]

Bob Dylan – The Complete Album Collection Vol.1 [Box Set] (2013)

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Bob Dylan – The Freewheelin’ Bob Dylan (1963/2013)

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It’s hard to overestimate the importance of The Freewheelin’ Bob Dylan, the record that firmly established Dylan as an unparalleled songwriter, one of considerable skill, imagination, and vision. At the time, folk had been quite popular on college campuses and bohemian circles, making headway onto the pop charts in diluted form, and while there certainly […]

Bob Dylan – Bob Dylan’s Greatest Hits Vol. II(1971)[ Audio Fidelity 2013]

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Where Dylan’s first Greatest Hits took its title literally, Greatest Hits, Vol. 2 is a greatest-hits album only in the loosest sense of the term. While the double album does contain several genuine hits — “Lay Lady Lay,” “Tonight I’ll Be Staying Here with You,” the non-LP “Watching the River Flow” — it is largely […]

Bob Dylan – Tempest (2012)

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Bob Dylan’s 35th album, continues to employ blues, country, folk, and ragged rockabilly to carry his songs.Featuring ten new and original Bob Dylan songs, the release of Tempest coincides with the 50th Anniversary of the artist’s eponymous debut album, which was released by Columbia in 1962.The new album, produced by Jack Frost,and follows 2009′s worldwide […]

Bob Dylan – Blonde on Blonde (1966, MFSL 2013)

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The story of Blonde on Blonde is almost as compelling as the music within. Dylan, frustrated with how initial attempts fared in New York, relocating to Tennessee and pairing with Nashville’s top session players as well as members of what would become the Band, feverishly chasing perfectionism while also arriving at an on-the-fly feel that […]

Bob Dylan – Music & Photos (2013)

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Tracklist: CD 1: 1. Blowin’ In The Wind 2. Don’t Think Twice, It’s All Right 3. The Times They Are A-Changin’ 4. It Ain’t Me, Babe 5. Maggie’s Farm 6. It’s All Over Now, Baby Blue 7. Mr. Tambourine Man 8. Subterranean Homesick Blues 9. Like A Rolling Stone 10. Positively 4th Street 11. I […]

Bob Dylan – The 50th Anniversary Collection (2012)

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This is European only 4CD set of outtakes from 1962 & 1963, also known as The Copyright Extension Collection Vol. I. Only available through literally a hand full stores in Germany, England, France & Sweden. Most of the tracks are from the Freewheelin sessions, and a few are from various live performances Dylan did in […]

Bob Dylan – Folk Singer – Humdinger [2CD] (2013)

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Now an internationally venerated and still sometimes audience-baffling 72 year old, Bob Dylan started to be increasingly broadly recognised as a significant songwriter and maverick entertainer between 1963 and 1965, depending on your local media coverage. For a couple of years before that he had been the new kid on the block within NYC’s Greenwich […]

Bob Dylan – Plymouth Rock (1977)

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The Plymouth, Massachusetts show was apparently the second venue of the Rolling Thunder Revue tour of 1975, two months before the release of Desire.  The first seven tracks are recordings from the Plymouth night: “I Don’t Believe You”, “Hurricane”, “Oh, Sister”, “One More Cup Of Coffee”, “Sara”, “Just Like A Woman”, “This Land Is Your […]

Bob Dylan – Live in New York, Gaslight Cafe 1961 (2012)

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This is the first Dylan recording made at the New York City folk music club called The Gaslight Café and represents one of the first ever recorded Dylan concerts. mp3 320 kbps | 70 MB | UJ

Bob Dylan – Pure Dylan : An Intimate Look at Bob Dylan (2011)

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“Pure Dylan : An Intimate Look at Bob Dylan” gathered at a dibasic packaged and yet lovingly compiled 78-minute-CD, a series of rarely heard songs, which one are to be found on any of the many best of the man, nevertheless are among the best of what Dylan has recorded in the last 50 years. […]