Giant Sand – Chore of Enchantement [25th Anniversary Edition] (2011)

Posted by Zorn on November 25, 2011as

Howe Gelb’s revolving-door band Giant Sand started out as a gritty twang-rock project for the beer-and-barbecue set. Still steeped in desert mystery, Gelb’s wise and wizardly ways have evolved over the past 15 years to the point where his songs manage to conjure up images of Neil Young, Brian Wilson, and Tom Waits comingling inside of a warm pair of speakers. The result is thaumaturgical–not quite Picasso for the blind but just as bumpy and as fun to touch as braille. Chore of Enchantment’s relaxed juggling of rock, country, psychedelia, and experimentalism is chameleon-like without being forced and beautiful without even trying. The variety of sounds suggests Gelb’s closest contemporaries to be Yo La Tengo, who also spent 15 years moving from a so-so debut to sonic seniority.

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