VA – Function Underground: The Black and Brown American Rock Sound 1969-1974 (2017)

Posted by Zorn on June 14, 2017as


This anthology presents earnest questions as to why we know so little about these bands and the movement of which they were a part. While we don’t anticipate that we’ll ever find a definitive answer as to what these ensembles’ true goals were, then, we do know that they took their charges seriously. And they knew they were onto something different, something that, though only they and their immediate kin might recognize it, was more interesting than the status quo. Function Underground shines light on an important and overlooked part of rock n’ roll’s history and talented ensembles that toiled in the shadows, derided by their peers


01. 1984 – There’s a Wrinkle In Our Time
02. Purple Snow – Down by the River
03. Jimi Macon – Jimi’s Guitar Raps with the Bass
04. Creations Unlimited – Corruption Is the Thing
05. We the People – Function Underground
06. Michael Liggins & the Super Souls – Loaded Back
07. Stone Coal White – Stone Coal White
08. Blacklites – BL Movement
09. Ebony Rhythm Band – Drugs Ain’t Cool
10. Cisneros & Garza Group – I’m a Man
11. L.A. Carnival – Blind Man (45 Version)
12. The Revolution – The Siesta Is Over
13. Black Conspirators – Just Got to be Free
14. Black Maffia – I Want to Take You Higher

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