John Lee Hooker – John Lee Hooker (Bonus Tracks) (2016)

Posted by Zorn on June 28, 2016as

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1. Might as Well Say We’re Through
2. Risin’ Sun (Louisiana Voo-Doo)
3. Lost My Job
4. Left My Wife and My Baby
5. Travelin’ Day and Night
6. Deep Down in My Heart
7. Shake It up and Go
8. Fire at Natchez
9. The Sweetest Girl I Know
10. Mad with You Baby
11. My Mother-in-Law Moved In
12. Ballad to Abraham Lincoln
13. Let’s Talk It Over (Bonus Track)
14. Baby, You Ain’t No Good (Bonus Track)
15. Lonely Boy Boogie (Bonus Track)
16. Drifting from Door to Door (Aka When My First Wife Left Me) (Bonus Track)
17. Don’t You Remember Me (Bonus Track)
18. Bad Boy (Bonus Track)
19. Every Night (Bonus Track)
20. Hey Boogie (Bonus Track)

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