Gov’t Mule – Sco-Mule (2015)

Posted by Zorn on January 23, 2015
in rock

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Gov’t Mule‘s ongoing 20th anniversary celebration will include a series of special archival live releases — including the long-awaited official release of ‘Sco-Mule,’ a recording of the band’s 1999 concerts with guitarist John Scofield.

01. Hottentot (feat. John Scofield)
02. Tom Thumb (feat. John Scofield)
03. Doing It To Death (feat. John Scofield)
04. Birth Of The Mule (feat. John Scofield)
05. Sco-Mule (feat. John Scofield)
06. Kind Of Bird (feat. John Scofield)
07. Pass The Peas (feat.John Scofield) [Bonus Track]
08. Devil Likes It Slow (feat. John Scofield)
09. Hottentot (feat. John Scofield) [Alternate Version]
10. Kind Of Bird (feat. John Scofield) [Alternate Version]
11. Afro Blue (feat. John Scofield)

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