Joe Ely – Satisfied At Last (2011)

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Ely just turned 64, but on Satisfied at Last, he doesn’t sound much older than he did when he cut his aforementioned debut. The voice may be a bit rougher, but he can still hit those keening high notes, and his band still rocks out like a gang of hungry teenagers. The tunes here all deal with mortality, and Ely faces the subject head-on, sprinkling his tales with sharp observations on life’s pleasures and limitations with his usual touches of ironic humor.Loss and limitation inform tunes like “Not That Much Has Changed”, the tale of a soldier returning form a war. Ely’s take on a subject that could have incited a series of clichés is written in a timeless style that invokes Iraq, Vietnam, or any war. Mexican flavored acoustic guitar and crying pedal steel intensify the lyric’s emotional content.

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