Ten Years After – Rock & Roll Music to the World (1972) [AFZ 24 KT + Gold CD, 2012]

Posted by Zorn on November 2, 2012
in rock

There would only be one more studio recording from Ten Years After following the 1972 release of Rock & Roll Music to the World. This album was a favorite in the early 70’s and the catchy rockin’ title track gained quite a lot of radio play. While the content of the songs is inspired by the blues, the music is rock & roll, cleanly played with power and finesse. The band sounds tight and relaxed. Chick Churchill plays some interesting combination of synthesizer and organ lines, Ric Lee’s pounding drums and Leo Lyons’ bass work drive the powerful backbeat.

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  • KDNYfm says:

    Always enjoyed Ten Years After, in fact the garage band I played in with high school buddies used to play a few TYA songs. Havent heard this album in a while, but having recently picked up Alvin’s new release, I thought it would be fun to go back and listen to some old TYA.
    thanx for the opportunity!

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