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When the San Diego quartet took New York’s Fillmore East in the spring of 1968, they had one album, Heavy, under their belts but a myriad of lineup changes that would put veteran bands to shame. At the time, the band was singer/organist Doug Ingle, drummer Ron Bushy and new guitarist and bassist Erik Braunn (all of 17 at the time) and Lee Dorman – both of whom replaced the recently-departed members Danny Weis, Jerry Penrod and second vocalist/percussionist Darryl DeLoach, who had left after recording sessions for Heavy.The shift in personnel wasn’t the only sign of things to come, though. While the sets draw heavily from Heavy‘s track lineup, including “Possession,” “Unconscious Power” and the double set closers “So-Lo” and “Iron Butterfly Theme,” the sets include songs that would be committed to tape by the new lineup for their next, smash hit of an album, including the album’s eventual title track, the hard-driving jam “In-a-Gadda-de-Vida,” not yet the Top 40 single that would drive sales of the forthcoming record to over 4 million domestically but not nearly lacking in intensity.

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John McLaughlin – guitar
Rick Laird – bass
Billy Cobham – drums, percussion
Jan Hammer – keyboards, organ
Jerry Goodman – violin

The Mahavishnu Orchestra with John McLaughlin – The Inner Mounting Flame (1971)

Mahavishnu Orchestra – Birds of Fire (1973)

Mahavishnu Orchestra – Between Nothingness and Eternity (Live) – 1973

Mahavishnu Orchestra – Apocalypse (1974)

Mahavishnu Orchestra – Visions of the Emerald Beyond (1975)

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The Necks conjure music that defies description in orthodox terms.  Not entirely avant-garde, nor minimalist, nor ambient, nor jazz, the music of The Necks is regularly described internationally as, simply, unique. Together for 25 years, the cult Australian trio comprising Chris Abrahams (piano), Lloyd Swanton (bass) and Tony Buck (drums), have honed an assured and compelling method of improvisation, building around repeated motifs through subtle shifts and layering, highly attuned to the acoustics of each performance space, to produce an extraordinarily dense and hypnotic effect frequently underpinned by an insistent deep groove.

“One of the most extraordinary groups on the planet…not so much a trio as a revolutionary consortium redefining music…” The Guardian


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In 2009, together with Moroccan oud and guembri virtuoso Majid Bekkas and Spanish percussionist Ramon Lopez,and Kühn recorded “Out of the Desert”, the follow-up to their celebrated debut “Kalimba”.It was this “desert jazz” that Olaf Stötzler, manager of the hr Bigband (Frankfurt Radio Bigband) suggested that Kühn transpose to a greater dimension,that the trio’s African inspired improvisations should fuse with the diverse sound epertoire of the big band. Kühn was immediately taken with the idea of playing with the Frankfurter big band because, as he says, “they put their whole heart and soul in it.”The work was premiered in 2009 at the German Jazz Festival Frankfurt to great acclaim. On 6th November 2010 the trio met the hr Bigband once more at Berlin’s JazzFest and the concert was again a very special highlight. One that can now be heard on the concert recording “Out Of the Desert live at JazzFest Berlin”.Although the project has the same title as the 2009 CD, it doesn’t feature versions arranged for the big band but new compositions by Kühn, based on his experiences in the North African desert and with the musicians of the hr Bigband in mind.

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Five member Bluegrass, Folk, Americana band. Acoustic guitar, banjo, fiddle, stand up bass and female lead singer that will knock your socks off. When you see and hear BlueBilly Grit you won’t be able to sit still without clapping your hands, stomping your feet, or singing along. This high energy group loves to put their all into performing and see their audience enjoying themselves. BBG has performed at festivals, fairs, clubs and concerts in the Southeast, and always leaves the crowd wanting more.

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1. Captain Beefheart – Floppy Boot Stomp
2. Man Man – Steak Knife
3. The Horrible Crowes – Marry Ann
4. Jack Kerouac – McDougal Street Blues
5. Southside Johnny – Down Down Down
6. Beirut – Payne’s Bay
7. Howlin’ Wolf – I Asked for Water (She Gave Me  Gasoline)
8. Harry Partch – Ring Around the World:Phase One
9. William Elliot Whitmore – Not Feeling Any Pain
10. John Brim – Ice Cream Man
11. Jesca Hoop – City Bird
12. Califone – Salt
13. Johnny Dowd – Easy Money
14. Frank Sinatra – One for My Baby (And One…)
15. The Low Anthem – Home I’ll Never Be

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The long awaited release of the Brian Wilson and Beach Boys masterpiece, Smile Sessions. With the full participation of original Beach Boys Al Jardine, Mike
Love, and Brian Wilson, Capitol/EMI has, for the first time, collected and compiled the band’s legendary 1966-’67 sessions for the never-completed SMiLE album. Rolling Stone magazine recently called SMiLE the most famous unfinished album in rock & roll history.”In several sessions between the summer of 1966 and early 1967, The Beach Boys recorded a bounty of songs and drafts for an album, SMiLE, that was intended to follow the band’s 1966 album, Pet Sounds. The master tapes were ultimately shelved, and The Beach Boys’ SMiLE has never been released. Drawn from the original masters, SMiLE Sessions presents an in-depth overview of The Beach Boys’ recording sessions for the enigmatic album, which has achieved legendary, mythical status for music fans around the world.

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Mats Eilertsen, the quietly authoritative double-bassist in meditative piano star Tord Gustavsen’s group, has made his own effective fusion of north European ambient jazz and warmer, more explicitly congenial music. Eilertsen’s group features fellow Gustavsen sideman Tore Brunborg on saxes (one of Jan Garbarek’s most creative followers), and the sound of the bassist’s fine 2010 album Radio Yonder is expanded by the addition of young Finnish pianist Alexi Tuomarila. All the last disc’s patiently building climaxes, vaporous ballads and lyricism (from guitarist Thomas T Dahl) are here, but Tuomarila’s caressing touch and chordwork fill out the ensemble sound and power up the grooves. Slowly curling unison sax and guitar lines coax dreamily sauntering ballads; low-register Garbarek-like hoots drift over padding drums and distantly clanging guitar chords. There are also echoes of the folk-jazz of Avishai Cohen in the interplay of piano and bass vamps with daintily dancing themes, and the title track appropriately features Brunborg’s tenor skimming over ghostly bowed-bass motifs and deep, pulsing percussion. Dahl’s abstract clamour on The Void and Brunborg in funkier mode on The Old Oak bring a welcome brightness to the prevailing low-lights mood.

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Ozric Tentacles are simply put, legends of the UK underground. Inspired by a myriad of musical genres and musicians from Kraut-rockers KRAAN to guitar maestro Steve VAI, from ethnic Arabic to electronic techno, from HENDRIX to HILLAGE. OZRIC TENTACLES’ music is a fusion of sounds, styles and genres that cannot be categorized nor plagiarized, such is its complexity.

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Musicans :
Martin Abbuehl : violIn
Florent Kirchmeyer : guitare
Marco Neri : guitare
Thomas Dürst : contrabasse

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Formed by British guitarist and songwriter Kim Simmonds in 1966, Savoy Brown’s fusion of blues, rock, and jazz music was revolutionary for late-1960s England. Savoy Brown would release an amazing string of critically-acclaimed, commercially-successful albums including 1969′s Blue Matter and A Step Further; 1970′s Raw Sienna and Looking In; 1971′s Street Corner Talkin’; and 1972′s classic Hellbound Train.Savoy Brown return to the trenches on November 8, 2011 with the Ruf Records release of the band’s new album, Voodoo Moon. Savoy Brown will celebrate its 45th anniversary this year.Voodoo Moon features nine new original songs, and was primarily recorded at Simmonds’ White Cottage Studio in upstate New York, and completed at the nearby SubCat studio.

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Jurriaan Berger: piano, melodica
Felix Hildenbrand: acoustic bass, electric bass
Achim Heine: drums, percussion, toys

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The title makes plain the intention of Paul Simon on this 2011 double-disc set: the focus is not on the hits but the songs, to the extent that his most famous song is not performed either by him solo or with Art Garfunkel, it is sung by Aretha Franklin, a selection that suggests this compilation will be more idiosyncratic than it is. Many of the songs that are Simon’s solo staples — “Mother and Child Reunion,” “Kodachrome,” “American Tune,” “Late in the Evening,” “Still Crazy After All These Years,” “Graceland,” “The Boy in the Bubble” — are here, enough to almost camouflage the big songs that are missing in action, including “50 Ways to Leave Your Lover,” “Duncan,” “Slip Slidin’ Away,” and “You Can Call Me Al.” All these are casualties of a concept that allows for Simon to spend the entirety of the second disc on albums released since 1990, a move that fits the aesthetic — there’s no dip in quality — but is sure to disgruntle listeners who only want the songs they know by heart. But there are plenty of compilations for those kind of fans; for listeners who want to get a strong overview of Simon the writer, containing many but not all of his best songs, Songwriter is a solid choice.

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There’s probably some arcane formula that proves the presence of trumpeter Enrico Rava, trombonist Gianlucca Petrella and young pianist Giovanni Guidi on the same session equals five stars. Petrella and Guidi made the fine We Don’t Live Here Anymore album earlier this year, and this sextet with Rava – for many years one of Miles Davis’s most authoritative disciples – creates an enchanting album of luxuriant brass textures, alluring ballads, bursts of twisting postbop and memorable soloing. There are slow-shifting songs that turn with a Kenny Wheeler-like poignancy or Carla Bley’s wry romanticism, trumpet solos over quietly hustling backdrops, blustery free-jazzy episodes and samba-like sleepwalks. Rava’s high sounds and Petrella’s voice-like phrasing combine with a spellbinding melody to make Tears for Nada a gorgeous contemporary-jazz ballad, while the title track is unexpectedly funky, and Guidi plays like an abstract Herbie Hancock.

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    This is the recording debut of Italian sisters Natascia and Raffaella Gazzana, named for the “Five Pieces” for violin and piano by Valentin Silvestrov which conclude the album. These works – a gently-pulsing elegy, a serenade, an intermezzo, a barcarole, a ghostly nocturne – receive their international release here in a context which combines the familiar and the far-flung, as Duo Gazzana finds creative affinities between the music of four very different composers. “The programme as a whole is typical of the duo’s inquiring and sensitive approach to repertory”, writes Paul Griffiths in the liner notes. “What we hear here is a vital freshness”.

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“24 Hours”, the new album from guitar virtuoso and singer/songwriter Richie Kotzen.”24 Hours” is an absorbing collective blend of Kotzen’s musical influences and diversity. It takes you on an inspired, musical journey as the opening track sets the tone that falls stylistically somewhere between early VAN HALEN and SLY AND THE FAMILY STONE. Kotzen also brought in his talented daughter, August Kotzen, and friend Jerry Cantrell of ALICE IN CHAINS, to complete the album.

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For all of the music fans out there who know that you haven t truly experienced an artist until you ve experienced them LIVE. That s why we created the Setlist Series. We’ve fished through hundreds of live tracks from all different shows and eras – not just the hits, but the life-changing songs, fan favorites, and gems from the vault – and put them together to make the quintessential live collection from your favorite artists. Because the perfect Setlist is more than great songs… it’s songs that are great Live. Every Setlist track has been beautifully remastered, with a sound quality that feels just like you re sitting in the front row. …So take your seat, settle in, crank it up and get ready for a live concert experience you ll never forget.

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