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Richard Okkerse was born October 1980 in the Netherlands wher he first started playing the guitar at th age of 10. After a couple of years he discovered Miles Davis, Charlie Parker and jazz guitar genius Wes Montgomery, who’s music changed his life forever. From that moment on his passion for jazz grew bigger by the day. At the age of 17 he was accepted to the jazz studies program at the Conservatory of Amsterdam where he studied jazz guitar with Jesse van Ruller and Martijn van Iterson. Over the years he has performed and recorded throughout Europe as a leader and sideman.

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The Long Ryders’ 1984 full-length debut is one of the defining albums of the mid-’80s roots-rock scene, a loose amalgamation of bands reacting against the MTV-ready crop of synth-pop superstars by playing guitar-heavy country-influenced rock and roll. Heavily influenced by Gram Parsons and the Buffalo Springfield, singer/songwriter Sid Griffin and crew mix the ’60s revivalism of the then-current Paisley Underground scene with a fondness for mandolins and other bluegrass instruments which would be further explored by the alt-country groups of the ’90s. Unfortunately, the Long Ryders, who had made much of their “authenticity” in early interviews, blew their street cred in 1985 by starring in a beer commercial, to widespread derision.

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After “Django Brasil”, the quartet Ludovic Beier (Samson Schmitt, guitar, Doudou Cuillerier, rhythm guitar, scat and Antonio Licusati, bass) revisits a dozen pop hits of past decades, it’s going to the Beatles (Lady Madonna took up tempo) Mickey Jackson (Human Nature) or Police (Every Breath You Take) through Earth Wind and Fire (September), Stevie Wonder (Lately, beautiful ballad played with sensitivity accordina-perhaps where I prefer to Ludo, the accordion is a tendency to spread) or Jacques Dutronc (Paris is 5 hours awake, so tsiganisé Opus 4, which scatters and Doudou with a terrible chorus of Samson). It sometimes borders the exercise of style a little vain (Smoke on the water for example.

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With the intention of creating music with a unique set of DNA, Taylor Haskins & ‘Recombination’ ride soaring melodies atop lush, hypnotic grooves to reach new worlds of musical expression. They seek nothing less than the total integration of pure sonic exploration with melody & song-form. “Haskins ran his trumpet through a pedal…adding to the wave of electronically sculpted sound pulsing and glitching over the acoustic rhythm section. The five musicians on stage often sounded more like ten.

Taylor Haskins – trumpet, fx & keys
Jonathan Goldberger – guitar
Henry Hey – keys
Todd Sickafoose – bass
Nate Smith  – drums

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Disc 1
1. Don’t Keep Me Wonderin’
2. I’m No Angel
3. Tears, Tears, Tears
4. Just Another Rider
5. Going Back To Daytona
6. I Can’t Be Satisfied
7. Dreams

Disc 2
1. Before Bullets Fly
2. Melissa
3. Whipping Post
4. Midnight Rider
5. Stage banter
6. Sweet Feelin’
7. Statesboro Blues

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Jolie Holland has never recaptured the magic of early, trad-heavy albums, but she remains a distinctive voice in modern Americana. Her southern drawl can be weary, sultry or jaunty, she can slur like Tom Waits, and on Townes Van Zandt’s “Rex’s Blues” she’s more Billie Holiday than country singer. This fifth outing has a loose, home-studio feel with a touch of twang (Marc Ribot is here). Holland gets intense on songs of dark betrayal (“All Those Girls” and “Wreckage”) while lightening up for “June” and a reprise of her Be Good Tanyas-era theme song, “Littlest Birds”. Backed by a barroom piano with a stuck sustain pedal, she closes out the album with a desert hymn to her home state, relishing her woes and singing her woah-woah-woahs in a style that’s unlike all those girls.

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This music certainly doesn’t seduce the listener immediately; it’s too sophisticated for that. Like a fine wine, it takes you in slowly, but totally and deeply.

Maciej Grzywacz – guitars

Yasushi Nakamura – double bass

Clarence Penn – drums

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The sound of the group is vaguely reminiscent of the original Dog, but not so much that it is an obvious rip-off. Gone is the mellotron which has been replaced by a synthesizer and the violin is still present in several of the songs. Mike Safron has commented that people have mistakenly thought that David Surkamp is singing on the CD. Again, there is a vague similarity here as well. Even the ending to the song End of the World borrows a riff reminiscent of the end of Natchez Trace from the first Pavlov’s Dog album.

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Utterly enchanting Ethiopiques edition, starring the totally unique saxophone sound of Gétatchèw Mèkurya. The label says “Gétatchèw Mèkurya is probably the most revered veteran of Ethiopian saxophone. A real giant, both physically and musically. Not only is he at the very top level of Ethiopian saxophonists, but he is the “inventor” of an extremely distinctive musical “style”.” The album features ten of Gétatchèw Mèkurya’s arrangements, blowing a snaking, smoky and hypnotic stream of notes over very minimal backing of shuffled percussion, keys and organ. I should admit, i’m adverse to the saxophone even at the best of times, but this one has genuinely caught us out and transported us to some exclusive club in Addis Ababa circa 1972.

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Elam Blackman coming from Knoxville, both the man behind the  small American label, Constant Clip Records artists including Alexa Woodward, Raina Rose and Annie Crane as a singer  and writer of poetic folk songs. A quiet force in the modern folk  scene with  a fabulous finger-picking guitar technique. Someone in “living room” concerts a whole manages to get home silent. The CD “Friend” after underlying work as “Live At The Old Western”, “Candlelight & Twine” and “Songs For An Audience Of One” a new piece of handicrafts Elam Blackman.A nice addictive listening album with melancholic  and heartfelt music that the singer has dedicated to his girlfriend Cassie Waters. A sober CD created with the  help of  good friend, producer and  multi-instrumentalist  Paul Curreri.

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Following four years of critically acclaimed collaboration with brother Angus, The Memory Machine marks Julia Stone’s first foray into solo musical terrain. With the global success of the duo’s first two albums and accompanying sell out tours, Julia’s debut solo album demonstrates a musical confidence and story-telling capacity that reflects her evolution as an artist. Julia’s talents as a musician are evident, providing not only vocal and guitar, but also piano, bass, ukulele and percussion, though it is her characteristic and unique vocals that shine here.

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01. Saskia Bruin/The Look Of Love
02. Sarah Morrau/Vincent
03. Jeni Fleming Acoustic Trio/Time After Time
04. Emi Fujita/Your Song
05. Halie Loren feat. Matt Treder/A Whiter Shade Of Pale
06. Eva Cassidy/True Colors
07. Woong San/What The World Needs Now
08. Jeanne Newhall/Hungry Heart
09. Dina Blade/My Romance
10. Ela Lo/Have I Told You Lately
11. Jheena Lodwick/For The First Time
12. Noon/I’ve Never Been To Me
13. Kelly Sweet/Je t’aime
14. Emilie-Claire Barlow/Breaking Up Is Hard To Do

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Trust (Smithereen Records) by the Sean Smith Quartet is truly a rarity a thoughtful, sophisticated quartet album adept at both swing and chamber jazz intricacy and delicacy. While group dynamics and ensembles are impeccable, there is ample room made for improvisatory creativity and, thanks largely to Smiths bass and Russell Meissners drums, plenty of flexible rhythmic heft. As an added enticement, Smiths dozen originals are all singular, and often memorable, in their own ways. Rounding out the quartet are saxophonist John Ellis, whose tenor shares a bit that yearning tone characterizing (Ernie) Watts, and the crisp, pellucid guitar of John Hart. Smith, the composer, has a voracious stylistic appetite that ranges far and wide, from the multi-themes and shifting tempos of the bop-swing Betting Blind and the Wayne Shorter-influenced, flux-time Waynes World to the exotic Homemade Japanese Folk Song with its weaving tenor sax and kora-like guitar patterns, and the Mideast feel of Izmir/The Maharajah, from its opening plucked bass theme to the snake charmer soprano long tones over tom toms giving way to a guitar solo set to a drifting shuffle beat.

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1. Here’s That Rainy Day
2. Someone To Watch Over Me
3. Four
4. When I Fall In Love
5. Once I Loved
6. What Are You Doing the Rest of Your Life
7. There’s A Light Within
8. Green Dolphin Street
9. Everything Must Change
10. I’ll Be There For You

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Ezza Rose is a eclectic sound encompassing a wide verity of music genres, Rose and band move in and out of folk, bluegrass, pop, and alternative music while introducing a very new and original sound to these old sounds.

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With ‘A Love Letter to New Orleans,’ Grammy Award winning trumpeter Irvin Mayfield reflects and reports on the people and places his music has brought into his life thus far. From rowdy New Orleans recording session to late night introspection with mentors like Wynton Marsalis and the late Herman Leonard, ‘A Love Letter to New Orleans’ is a poignant chronicling of Mayfield’s resilient love affair with his city’s legacy-Jazz.

‘A brilliant, poignant and deep look at the extraordinary life and music of Irvin Mayfield. This is a wonderful love letter to the great city of New Orleans, but it is also a rare peek at the influences that have shaped one of America’s great artists.’ –Anderson Cooper, CNN Anchor

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Parton’s forthcoming ‘Better Day’ record will include a full track list of new and more modern songs, according to the blonde songstress. “I always think every album is better than the last one … at least I strive for that. I wrote all the songs for this one; plus, I think it may be a little more contemporary than what I usually do,” she says.

This album will mark the fourth release on her own label, Dolly Records — and the Tennessee sweetheart believes ‘do it yourself’ is best. “It’s always best to be your own boss since you can do what you think is right.  It’s also nice knowing what a nice person the boss really is and that you can pretty much get away with anything,” Parton says humorously. “Seriously, though, I’m proud Dolly Records has done so well.”

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After five albums, he wanted something different because “not only blues but also country and all American roots music is just incredibly important to me. It is a vital expression of the human condition and it goes on, it stays and it survives” says the British blues singer and guitarist Ian Siegal (1971). ‘The Skinny’ was therefore recorded in Coldwater, Mississippi at the Zebra Ranch studio of the North Mississippi All Stars Luther and Cody Dickinson, sons of legendary producer and musician Jim Dickinson. Cody also produced the album. The Band ‘The youngest Sons are the youngest sons of local legends, Garry Burnside (bass and son of RL), Robert Kimbrough (guitar and son David Jr.) and Bobby Bland’s son Rodd on drums.

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Jazz saxophonist Branford Marsalis and his Quartet’s longtime pianist, Joey Calderazzo, share a collection of melodic songs on their latest release, Songs of Mirth and Melancholy. Born of an evolving love of music and set in the deep focus of serious listening and learning, it is full of virtuosity and joy, touching the listener with its expressiveness, melody, emotion; those elements of music that transcend genre and period and speak to us of inspiration and beauty. Comprised primarily of original compositions from each musician, a Wayne Shorter tune paying tribute to that great man and a nod to Brahms, the duo presented here provides the listener with a glimpse into their ever deepening musical journey.

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Thielemans was in his mid-80s when performing these concerts, but the precision and tone of his playing could well be that of a much younger musician. This is an album which has a comforting familiarity: a relaxed set that could have been recorded in a small club or even at a private party for friends, rather than in a series of concert halls. The European Quartet’s other members give Thielemans sympathetic backing, the result, at least in part, of their long musical association. The venues at which European Quartet Live was recorded are not identified, but their audiences all give the band an enthusiastic welcome, as if they are greeting old friends. In return, Thielemans and his band mates deliver what the audiences expect: classic tunes, played with warmth and enthusiasm.

Personnel: Toots Thielemens: harmonica; Karel Boehlee: piano, synthesizer; Hein Van de Geyn: double-bass; Hans van Oosterhout: drums

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