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2011 release, the fourth album from the reunited German Alt-Rock band and their first studio album in eight years.




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He plays guitar like a demon, wears natty threads, sings catchy tunes and mutters to himself. The idiosyncratic c.w. stoneking is a true entertainer who relies on musicianship stagecraft and performance to invoke the spirit of the 1920′s deep south blues in his original hokum style. Set in an imaginary old-time southern town populated with singing dodo birds, sinister handymen, broken-hearted street singers and old testament field hollerers, the album also features c.w.’s backing band the primitive horn orchestra on a number of tunes. Produced by j. Walker (machine translations) and containing 11 of c.w.’s original numbers, the album is a unique blend of old time blues and jazz that sounds like it was recorded in the 1920′s. This is one of the most acclaimed australian albums of the last few blues & roots album (air awards) and album of the year (abc radio national breakfast show 2006)! Cw is such a singular talent that his audience has expanded beyond blues and jazz listeners into mainstream and alternative audiences who have simply never heard anything like him.

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The Cowboy Junkies’ Michael Timmins is a most literary songwriter. On the Toronto quartet’s Pale Sun Crescent Moon, Timmins imbeds lines from William Faulkner’s Absalom, Absalom into the song “First Recollection” and a line from Gabriel Garcia Marquez’s “The General in His Labyrinth” in the song “Seven Years” without it seeming the least bit awkward. He has found the perfect literary voice for his writing in his sister Margo Timmins, whose alto is all smoke and suggestion. Songs are not poems, however, and never was that distinction more obvious than it is here. The album’s so-called songs float in atmospheric harmonies, unshaped by melody or meter. This droning music may seem haunting on first encounter, but by the third song the melodic monotony encourages dozing.

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The Vox, the new album from Eric Legnini, navigates between afrobeat, jazz, soul and folk pop. This disc is an undeniable turning point in the career of the one we knew the protean talents, both pianist arranger, composer producer.This time, Eric Legnini, who emerged as the most gifted jazz pianists in France, covers the four roles in a single leap, signing ten of the eleven themes in a directory “fairly happy, but with some peaks of melancholy” , A set of formats, including climate and the great diversity does not mask the profound unity with red wire, the sumptuous voice Krystle Warren.

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Warren Haynes continues to be one of the most lauded straight-ahead rock lead guitarists performing today. But with his latest album his superior vocals are also at the forefront. Haynes’ bold and emotive delivery, shimmering with his smoky vibrato is not to be missed. The album features Ivan Neville on organ and background vocals, Ian McLagan on piano, Ruthie Foster on background vocals, George Porter Jr. on bass and Ron Holloway on saxophone. The album was recorded live in studio to capture all of the emotion, passion and spontaneity at Willie Nelson’s Pedernales Studios on two-inch tape with vintage tube microphones.


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Live in Marciac consists of two cds , altogether over 100 minutes of music. Remarkably, across its length the virtuosity and excitement levels never dip. After repeated hearings, the music sounds as fresh as ever. Typically for Mehldau, the repertoire is a mix of original compositions and an eclectic selection of songs.Alongside standards by Cole Porter and Rodgers and Hammerstein are songs by Mehldau favourites Radiohead, Nick Drake and The Beatles. More surprising is the inclusion of James Shelton’s Lilac Wine – popularised by Jeff Buckley – and Nirvana’s Lithium. Although classically trained, Mehldau clearly listens widely, and is a magpie for a catchy melody.

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Grammy Award winning singer, songwriter and record producer Raphael Saadiq is back with his 5th studio album Stone Rollin. Featuring ten new tracks, Stone Rollin is the follow up to Saadiq s 2008 solo album The Way I See It which boasted four Billboard R&B chart singles and was nominated for three GRAMMY Awards…Opening with the stomping Heart Attack, the album s other standout cuts include the stunning Go To Hell, featuring his studio squad of musicians who are melodically complimented by an angelic choir, the evocative Dixieland number Day Dreams, featuring Robert Randolph who plays steel guitar on the track, and Just Don’t, which includes a guest appearance from one of Saadiq s indie rock favorites  singer Yukimi Nagano (Little Dragon).

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Once in a while the stars align and something magical happens…as on the night Jazz at Lincoln Center presented a salute to the late, great bluesman, Ray Charles. Two musical iconoclasts, Willie Nelson and Wynton Marsalis, along with the stunning songstress Norah Jones, collectively brought their unique musical perspective to the legendary artist’s hits such as “Hallelujah I Love Her So”, “Hit the Road Jack,” and “Unchain My Heart.” Country music legend Willie Nelson and Pulitzer Prize-winning jazz artist and Jazz at Lincoln Center Artistic Director Wynton Marsalis share more in common than their multiple GRAMMY awards.They also share great respect and admiration for the late musical pioneer Ray Charles.

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What a voice! Great singing songwriting, same league as for example Gillian Welch,Lucinda Williams, however with a totally different (lighter) feel and a more expressive voice.If you’ve heard her sing, you know that description won’t do it justice. Moore has the voice to make devils want to be good, even though they really, really can’t.There are moments when Katie Moore sings that make it easy to understand what it must have been like to accidentally stumble in on Joni Mitchell in some dive bar.




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First gypsy trio of bills rather classical training organized around Toulouse Swing 39 Thierry Di Filippo (guitar), Mick Deaf (guitar) and Steve Denoy (bass) has been extended to the original quartet in 2006 by hosting the vibraphonist Marc Lawrence. It is now ten years since the band performed on stages throughout the south of France, and between two towers is their third album after Gypsy Vibration and Black Cat. Suffice to say that our four Toulouse have already acquired quite a musical background that is confirmed to play the disc. The rhythmic variety and light stands up, and the two soloists combine technical virtuosity and imagination. And frankly, a vibraphone in a gypsy jazz quartet .

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Named one of Rolling Stone’s 100 Greatest Guitarists of All Time, Robbie Robertson sets to release, How To Become Clairvoyant, his fifth solo album and his first record in more than 10 years. Guitar virtuosos Eric Clapton (who co-wrote three tracks with Robertson), Tom Morello and Robert Randolph guest on the album, which Robertson co-produced with Marius de Vries. How To Become Clairvoyant also features Steve Winwood and Trent Reznor as well as vocalists Angela McCluskey, Rocco Deluca, Dana Glover and Taylor Goldsmith of Dawes. Bassist Pino Palladino and drummer Ian Thomas lay down the groove throughout.


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This female quartet from Vantaa may have started off with sympathetic garage rock, but on their third album, Tough Pint, Cute Pint, Crazy Pint and Dumb Pint have gone in a surprising direction. Although fast-paced buzzing guitars still prevail, there are added hints of electro (King Of All The Animals), doo wop (Candy) and art pop (Supernatural). Above all, Pintandwefall’s music is so full of pop sensibility and catchy hooks that it can grab even people who aren’t fans of trashy rock.



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Baaba was founded at the break of the centuries, firstly by Bartosz Weber alone.
After the first record filled with electronica, the project started to evolve
from a studio concept into a live band. After six years and four albums it has
been described as the Polish underground supergroup joined by the famous jazz
and underground musicians and producers. The current line – up includes: Tomasz
Duda (saxophones, flute, sampler), Bartosz Weber (guitar, sampler), Piotr
Zabrodzki (bas, keys, voice), Macio Moretti (drums,).


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Engineered and mixed by Phil Ek and co-produced by Phil and the band, the new Fleet Foxes record is called Helplessness Blues. Recording for Helplessness Blues began in April 2010 at Dreamland Recording in Woodstock, NY and continued off and on through November of that same year back in Seattle at numerous studios, including Bear Creek, Reciprocal Recording and Avast. Like very nearly every worthwhile thing, making this album was not easy; it was a difficult second album to make. Drawing inspiration from folk/rock from about 1965 to 1973, and Van Morrison s Astral Weeks in particular, Helplessness Blues sees Fleet Foxes heighten and extend themselves, adding instrumentation (clarinet, the music box, pedal steel guitar, lap steel guitar, Tibetan singing bowls, vibraphone, etc., along with more traditional band instrumentation), with a focus on clear, direct lyrics, and an emphasis on group vocal harmonies. We have it on good authority that the album is called Helplessness Blues for at least a couple of reasons. One, it’s kind of a funny title. Secondly, one of the prevailing themes of the album is the struggle between who you are and who you want to be or who you want to end up, and how sometimes you are the only thing getting in the way of that.

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Yemen Blues is hottest new world music sensation.The band is lead by former Idan Raichel Project member Ravid Kahalani.Yemen Blues takes Yemenite melodies with inspiration from West African roots and contemporary jazz, blues and funk. If Blind Willie Johnson hung out with North African trance musicians or if Stevie Wonder studied Yemenite chants, it would sound like Yemen Blues. Raw yet refined, the group’s nine eclectic musicians bang on olive cans, hit elusive microtones, and sing in invented languages.


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Jake Shimabukuro is almost certainly the finest Hawaiian ukulele player performing today. He infuses tradition with a modern sensibility and reworks modern music in a classic style. “Peace Love Ukulele,” his newest solo album, is wonderfully intricate, exciting, and soothing.






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Circle of Sparks was recorded at the Weaving Room in Oakland, California, and co-produced and mixed by master of the boards, Simon Tassano, well-known for his work with Richard Thompson. The Imagination Club is made up of frequent collaborator, multi-instrumentalist and digjeridu master Stephen Kent, Brent Stewart on guitar, Ed McClary on drums, and Chris Kee on Bass. Guests include Manose (Deva Premal) on bansuri flute, David Philips (Tom Waits, Nora Jones) on pedal steel guitar, Mark McGee (Greg Allman) on guitar, and Jane Selkye on vocals (Me Jane) on vocals.
With roots in alternative pop, reggae, swamp rock, romantic serenades and world groove, Circle of Sparks bridges genres in a cohesive collection of songs, ending with a languid cover of ‘The River’ by Ugandan musician Geoffrey Oryema

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Hurley’s songwriting talent hasn’t gone unnoticed by a new generation of musicians. In recent years, he was invited to tour with Alt-Country heroes Son Volt and Lucinda Williams. He’s also shared bills with Smog and Palace Brothers, played with the Giant Sand rhythm section, and has, of course, appeared with (and been covered by) Vetiver and appeared on their records. His songs have also been covered by indie stars Cat Power and Yo La Tengo, among others. 12 tracks.Ida Con Snock was recorded over a two-year period, from 2005-07 at Levon Helm Studios in Woodstock, NY. Apparently, further fermentation was required, as the 12 tunes comprising the record took yet another two years to see release.Ida Con Snock, a record which stands up to the very best of Michael Hurley’s 45-year musical legacy.

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Several Shades of Why, recorded at Amherst, Massachusetts’ Bisquiteen Studios, is J’s first solo studio record, and it is an album of incredible beauty, performed with a delicacy not always associated with his work.Nearly all acoustic, Several Shades of Why was created with the help of a few friends. Notable amongst them are Kurt Vile, Sophie Trudeau (A Silver Mount Zion), Kurt Fedora (long-time collusionist), Kevin Drew (Broken Social Scene), Ben Bridwell (Band of Horses), Pall Jenkins (Black Heart Procession), Matt Valentine (The Golden Road), and Suzanne Thorpe (Wounded Knees). Together in small mutable groupings, they conjure up classic sounds ranging from English-tinged folk to drifty, West Coast-style singer/songwriterism. But every track, every note even, bears that distinct Mascis watermark, both in the shape of the tunes and the glorious rasp of the vocals. Ten brilliant tunes that quietly grow and expand until they fill your brain with the purest pleasure.

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The cover of Sera Cahoone’s debut record says it all. It features the Seattle-based songstress, from the shoulder up, with her arm draped over the backseat of what is obviously some sort of classic pick-up truck. Actually, it is impossible to tell where she is, but that is the image that is immediately invoked. She’s wearing a Cowboy plaid shirt, unbuttoned at the sleeves.The entire portrait is perfect. It invokes a laid-back, self-assured style that fits snuggly in the traditional idea of country-twanged folk while, at the same time, letting the listener know that this is a new, original singer/songwriter to reckon with. And the truck? Well, that is because this is an album for the road, pure and simple.

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