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“This was a show that I recorded with Tom in December of 1976 that was originally broadcast on WNEW during my first sojourn at the station. I played this one-hour rare tape tonight as my contribution to the station’s “From The Archives Weekend.” Tom and I, and drummer Ralph Ebler, taped this at a recording studio in town – Tom at the piano, Ralph on snare drum and hi-hat; it was unrehearsed, unscripted and totally cool! This is the first time the show has been aired in its entirety since the original broadcast almost 20 years ago.” – Vin Scelsa

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One of entertainment’s most flamboyant musical artistes of the last decade, BABY DEE is back with a new LP, Regifted Light, on Drag City Records. The album is not merely charming, nor simply enchanting and/or deeply touching-it is also an unusually arrayed album, scattering four vocal performances among eight smartly arranged, classically focused instrumentals, creating quintessential Baby Dee in all her unconventional glory. Baby Dee is an extraordinarily feeling talent on the keyboard, and while she can play anything put before her, her passion is for the concert grand: the Steinway D in particular, or, as she puts it, her “Rolls Royce of choice.” This album was composed on a very special Steinway D that has been living with Dee for the past few years and is as responsible as she is for the dynamic music and sounds of Regifted Light.

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