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After the last crossover CD “Gypsy R-Evolution”, ranking in the Top 10 of Worldmusic Charts, the band finally went back to their roots. Fresh Female Vocals, Django Reinhard – Beats and hot swing rhythms in the style of the Roaring Twenties and Thirties flock together with a pinch of Jazz and cool contemporary grooves.

joschoTwo virtuosos of the strings sought and found each other: On the one hand, the master guitarist from Mönchengladbach, Joscho Stephan, on the other, the German-New-Zealander double bass player Olivier Holland. Ever since the 1990s,the paths of these two exceptional musicians have crossed in joint projects. The two artists always find new ideas and inspiration for their playing, which gave rise
to a collaborative studio effort, where the two artists bundled their creative energies to form an exciting fusion style that also gave the album its title: “Gypsy Meets Jazz”.The two musicians are joined by Stephan’s father Günter on rhythm guitar, bass Max Schaaf, violinist Sebastian Reimann and percussionist Thomas Kukulies.Together they create a fascinating musical kaleidoscope with compositions by the two string virtuosos themselves and refreshingly interpreted classics by Bireli Lagrène and Charlie Parker, Chick Corea and Django Reinhardt. “Gypsy Meets Jazz” shows two brilliant trailblazers engaging in an extremely creative and highly entertaining excursion that enriches both genres in a fascinating manner.

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Gypsy Swing features a talented group of musicians: Richard Smith, Marcel Geller, Earl Palmer, and Pat Bergeson on guitars. Aaron Till and Joe Smith doing their best Stephane Grappelli impressions on violin, Charlie Chadwick and Dennis Crouch on bass, and clarinet and accordion work by Sam Levine and Jeff Taylor respectively.Track listings include all of your Hot Club favorites. All of them should be familiar to any Djangoholic: Tiger Rag, Swing 39, Shine, Nuages, Sweet Georgia Brown, I’ll See You in My Dreams, Swing 42, Minor Swing, Django’s Castle, The World is Waiting for the Sunrise, Tears, Limehouse Blues, and finally Avalon.

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Eventually everything old is new again. If you survey today’s music scene you will observe a fusion of music happening. Elements of rock, blues, jazz and ethnic folk music are being combined in a variety of ways. This reminds us of when jazz was blooming. Classically trained musicians such as Eddie Lang, Joe Venuti and Stephane Grappelli were inflecting jazz music with their classical heritage. Likewise Django Reinhardt was infusing traditional folk music from the gypsy camps in France into jazz. Swing 42 fuses classically trained musicians with jazz musicians to create hot club jazz.

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12 Guitar rock classics songs played in the gypsy jazz style of Django Reinhardt and Stéphane Grappelli.In “Rock Django”, Tim and Paulus have come up with an innovative and fresh approach, combining gypsy jazz and classic guitar rock.


01. Ghosts
02. Layla
03. Jessica
04. Albatross
05. House of the Rising Sun
06. Burn
07. Europa
08. Sunny Afternoon
09. Apache
10. Hold Your Head Up
11. Pick Up the Pieces
12. Paint It Black

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Joscho Stephan – Acoustic Guitar
Gnter Stephan – Rhythmic Guitar
Max Schaaf – Contrabass
Helmut Eisell – Clarinet

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Tcha Limberger – Violin,vocal
Renaud Crols – Violin
Alexandre Tripodi – Violin
Renaud Dardenne -  Guitar
Sam Gerstmans – Contrabass

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Billy Cardine is an innovative, genre-blurring slide guitarist, multi-instrumentalist, touring artist, and educator.This album features Billy Cardine’s Dobro slide guitar with an extraordinary band in the style of Django Reinhardt and Stefane Grappelli and their Hot Club.

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Manu Velasco Contreras: clarinet, sax
Luis Berraquero Díaz: guitar
Pablo Benavent Viñuales: guitar
Fran Real Pérez:contrabass
Raúl Medina Oranto: drums
André Chesnel: guitar

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Luciano Poli – Lead Guitar
Mauro Sereno – Double Bass
Hilary Katch – Guitar & Percussions

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Joy Adams – Cello
Levi Hammock – Guitar
Zach Larmer – Guitar
Geoff Saunders – Bass
James Schlender – Violin
Steffen Zeichner – Violin

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Russell Welch -  guitar
Alessandro Centolanza – guitar
Joshua Gouzy – double bass

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Lollo Meier : guitare solo
Fapy Lafertin : guitare solo
Bram Van Es : guitare rythmique
Henry Schuler : contrebasse

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Neal Wright- rhythm guitar
Mark Dudley- lead guitar
Lia Wright- vocals
Nahum Canoura- fiddle
Michael Smith- upright bass

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Mito Loëffler – guitar
Nicolas Chaboud – guitar
Alexandre Friederich – guitar

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Chasing the Moon’s new CD “Nuages” features gypsy-styled jazz in the tradition of Django Reinhardt and Stephane Grappelli. The exuberant and romantic sounds of jazz manouche are blended with classic American swing and south of the border Latin to create an engaging and lively performance style.The frontline consists of Kathy Bluff on lead vocals and violin, Paul Burjan on saxophone and flute and Peter Malone on guitar. The rhythm section is John Conley on double bass and Tony Keep on drums. For the CD they are joined by special guest Garry Steel on accordion and keyboards.

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Serena Moroni – violin
Roberto Benenventi – fisarmonica
Tommaso Papini – guitar
Mirco Capecchi – contrabass

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