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Here it is – the brand-spanking new Buzzcocks album “The Way”, the first for 8 years.  And it is a belter !!

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Mistakes, the third album from Montreal foursome Sonic Avenues, has enough melodic hooks and massed harmonies that many of the tracks would fit like a glove on one of the Poptopia! compilations, while the big guitars, pounding drums, speedy tempos, and bellow-along choruses will warm the heart of anyone who digs their punk old-school.

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The Minneapolis trio has released a run of albums now, both on their own and with psychedelic luminary Michael Yonkers. All the while, their distinct sound continues to evolve. Starting as, to coin a term, a power-crunch band, it’s moved more heavily into distortion and somewhat sprawling garage rock, ultimately hitting its new peak with Key to a False Door on Castle Face Records.