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Recorded in Sausalito, Los Angeles and New Orleans, Dharma Blues features twelve 2014 tracks, as well as guest appearances from Jack Casady (Jefferson Airplane/Hot Tuna) and vocals from Gillian Welch with instrumentation ranging from banjo and pedal steel to harmonium and water drum. Rowan continues to evolve and create, and this is especially evident on Dharma Blues.

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Blending elements of swing, gypsy jazz, country, rock-a-billy, blues and more, their music is a mix of vintage styles with a modern flair that captivates fans of all ages.

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‘Easy-flowing harmonies and melodies swim along like early Jayhawks, the lyrics smiling in the face of life and love’s travails. Why noone has snapped up the North London trio is a deep mystery.’ – Andy Fyfe, Q Magazine

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Paying tribute to an incredibly significant time in Earle’s career, this concert album showcases Earle’s performance at the Polk Theater in Nashville, Tennessee on December 1, 1995. The concert features the Train Band (Norman Blake, Peter Rowan and Roy Huskey, Jr.) and special guests Emmylou Harris and Bill Monroe joining the rocking singer-songwriter onstage for this unforgettable performance.