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A poetic and musical journey from the profane to the sacred, is presented by Moriarty singer Rosemary Standley and cellist Dom La Nena, including baroque music, songs by Leonard Cohen, Tom Waits, Dylan and Fairouz.

we“We All Love Ennio Morricone” is an all-star tribute album celebrating the music of the revered Italian composer Ennio Morricone, performed by some of the greatest names from the worlds of contemporary pop, rock, jazz, and classical music.


1. Celine Dion – I Knew I Loved You
2. Quincy Jones Feat. Herbie Hancock – The Good, The Bad And The Ugly
3. Bruce Springsteen – Once Upon A Time In The West
4. Andrea Bocelli – Conradiana
5. Metallica – The Ecstasy Of Gold
6. Yo-Yo Ma – Maléna
7. Renée Fleming – Come Sail Away
8. Ennio Morricone – Gabriel’s Oboe
9. Daniela Mercury Feat. Eumir Deodato – Conmigo
10. Dulce Pontes – La Luz Prodigiosa
11. Chris Botti – Love Affair
12. Vanessa And The O’s – Je Changerais D’avis
13. Roger Waters – Lost Boy Calling
14. Ennio Morricone – The Tropical Variation
15. Denyce Graves – Could Heaven Be
16. Taro Hakase – Addio Monti
17. Ennio Morricone – Cinema Paradiso

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belaOn Music for Two, banjo wizard Béla Fleck and stand-up bass maestro Edgar Meyer effortlessly sail through a challenging program that includes compositions by Bach, a sonata by Henry Eccles, a Miles Davis tune, and a number of self-composed finger twisters. The amazing thing about this varied selection is not its eclecticism–which is only to be expected with these two–but that it all blends together so seamlessly. Fleck’s jazz-tinged compositions (like “The Lake Effect”) and Meyer’s bluegrass-inspired tunes (like “Wishful Thinking”) sit so comfortably next to Bach’s baroque jewels and Davis’s cool jazz that it makes you question the entire of concept of musical classification. (In fact, the Bach preludes, inventions, and partitas translate so well to the banjo/bass arrangements, you have to wonder if old JSB might not have had a bit of bluegrass in his soul.) Music for Two was recorded live at a series of 2001 concerts, where Fleck and Meyer proved conclusively that the banjo and the bass were capable of remarkable subtlety and not just twang and boom.

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spBesides Ennio Morricone’s Legendary Italian Westerns compilation, this is easily the most essential audio document of the spaghetti western genre. The two CDs include no less than 67 cuts, spanning the years 1966-1981, going heaviest on the late ’60s and early ’70s; about half of the tracks have never been released anywhere, let alone in the U.S. If you like this peculiar and fascinating style, you’ll find this essential: it has excerpts from well over a dozen films that are virtually unknown (as are the composers) to non-aficionados. The weird trademarks of this music — galloping rhythms, tear-jerkingly sad melodies, overwrought melodramatic vocals, low twangy guitars, indescribably oddball orchestral flourishes of mariachi trumpets, lonesome harmonicas, tinny organs — are often present. But be cautioned that this is not in the same league as the work done in the style by the master, Ennio Morricone (who has only one selection on this compilation). Some of the cuts are cheesy without much redeeming musical value. Others are linked to the genre only by virtue of their inclusion in an Italian Western soundtrack; some sound like more-or-less typical adventure soundtrack music, some sound more like Hollywood western fare than spaghetti western dishes, and some even verge close to folky singer/songwriter territory.

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Arianna Savall takes the lead role in her debut for the New Series which is not surprising after her significant contributions to Rolf Lislevan’s Nuove musiche where her infectious charisma in sensuous early music gained her widespread notoriety. Savall now follow a new path, a musical mystery of incredibly fresh instrumental textures and stunning voice accompaniment with Hirundo Maris.The core material is the discovery or perhaps attempt to merge peoples that are essentially poles apart through the unification process of song. Are their musical bridges that link the Catalans, Scots and Sephardic Jews which may be largely due in part to the numerous voyages of the Vikings? One thing is clear, there are in fact links of common rhythms and modes between a Catalan song and some Norwegian early music as well as a Norwegian ballad and Sephardic song sharing the same key. The first clue in this sonic mystery may be that the Catalan song “El Mariner” tells the tale of a love between a Mediterranean maiden and a knight from the northern lands.

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Edgar Meyer and Yo-Yo Ma have collaborated successfully before on albums such as Appalachia Waltz and Appalachian Journey, but this album reaches new levels of musical interest and variety. In this collaboration, they’ve added two more fabulous musicians to the mix: Chris Thile on mandolin (originally of Nickel Creek fame) and Stuart Duncan on fiddle (session musician with the big names in Nashville). This album relies primarily on instrumental work, but each track has a unique sound. The album never sounds repetitive. At times, the musicians even pull out instruments we’re not used to hearing them play: we hear Meyer on the gamba and piano, Duncan on the banjo and mandolin, and Thile on the guitar, fiddle, gamba, and vocals.

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Two outstanding musicians out of two worlds – Bugge Wesseltoft; one of the great jazz pianists, and Henning Kraggerud; classical violinists – came home to celebrate their memories of Norway’s spring time: longingly and dearly they tell mystical lore of light-coloured nights and dark melancholy. They present minimalistic meditations and paint a musical picture of their homeland with greatest intensity that simply fascinates.

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The Wine of Silence release from the Dutch Jazz/Pop orchestra ,it s the first album to feature orchestral arrangements of legendary guitarist Robert Fripp’s solo Soundscapes work. In 2003, UK based composer Andrew Keeling completed work on a series of detailed orchestral arrangements of pieces taken from Fripp’s solo performances which had been painstakingly transcribed by Bert Lams (California Guitar Trio). Receiving their live premiere in The Netherlands by the Metropole Orkest under the baton of Jan Stulen in 2003, the results evoke the works of P„rt, G¢recki, Tavener and others in the ‘holy minimalist’ school of composition.

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John Holloway – violin
Lars Ulrik Mortensen – harpsichord
Jane Gower -  dulcian

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Emmanuel Bex present a great piece in three movements. A concerto for piano trio performed by the trio Open Gate and the orchestra of the Savoie. The Orchestra of the Pays de Savoie is a chamber orchestra of 23 musicians. The presence of this exceptional orchestra conducted for the occasion by Franck Tortiller can magnify this project by giving an orchestral depth.The other part of the repertoire will feature compositions / improvisations around and Mikrokosmos Béla Bartók’s Romanian Dances.

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Apollo delivers 52 minutes of transcendently lovely music, mysterious soundscapes, eerie electronics and the sweet lilt of pedal steel guitar, a combination that feels almost as if it were the very sound of the cosmos itself.

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“Numbers & Shapes” is 14 tracks of original compositions, written and orchestrated for 30+ instruments. The album blends a variety of genres, mainly electro-acoustic, contemporary classical, and electronic sounds. Yet each song is unique and takes on its own shape, sometimes playing on jazz or world rhythms; one track has a post-rock vibe, another is ambient and dreamy, others are more traditionally classical.There are also a lot of fun instrumentations on this record, ranging from solo piano to string quartet to a mixture of woodwinds, guitars and electronic synths, to a 32-piece orchestra on the last track. Numbers, patterns and different concepts of music theory were large inspirations in writing this album, as were the ideas of shapes, contours, and builds.

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100 years ago, the Austrian, Jewish-Catholic artist Gustav Mahler died. Uri Caine has specialised in adaptations of Mahler’s music and here Winter & Winter present a ‘best of’ his Mahler albums to date. The Drummer Boy begins with the waltz rhythm of ‘Rhinelegend’ introducing the wonderful actor and singer Josef Bierbichler – followed by ‘Kindertotenlieder’, the famous ‘Adagietto’ from the 5th Symphony and among other highlights ‘Two Blue Eyes’ with the Jewish cantor Aaron Bensoussan, the American poet Shulamith Wechter Caine (Uri Caine’s mother) and with an outstanding piano solo by Uri Caine himself. An album (and an artist) that blurs the borders between jazz and classical music.

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New on ECM, the great pianist Ketil Bjornstad with Vinding’s Music – Songs From The Alder Thicket, an unusual concept as it is ostensibly a songtrack to a series of books written by Bjornstad. The first disc is a set of solo piano pieces, the second, a compilation of newly recorded classical pieces. The first disc is of primary interest. This is contemporary improvised classically tinged ‘jazz’, using the latter term in the broadest sense, as this is not ‘swing’ in the traditional sense, although Bjornstad has a strong sense of inner rhythm. The pieces are simply magnificent, elegiac poems, programmatic in some sense, mighty and reflective, noble and inspiring. Not at all ECM style new age shit, perhaps akin to some of Jarrett’s later solo recordings, with a stronger lyric sense, a stronger romanticism.A brilliant set of music from an outstanding artist. ECM give Bjornstad a fine, dry, transparent recording that is an honest and faithful representation of his piano tone.Highly, highly recommended. This must be among the very best solo piano recordings to come along in many years.

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Miklós Perényi plays Benjamin Britten’s Third Suite op. 87 and Johann Sebastian Bach’s Suite VI D-Dur BWV 1012, making plain an historical interconnection. Britten wrote his cello suites for Rostropovich, inspired by hearing him playing the Bach suites. Rostropovich hailed all of Britten’s cello suites as masterpieces but singled out the third (written 1971) for special praise: “sheer genius”, in his words. Into the fabric of the thematic material Britten wove fragments of melodies from Russian folk songs, only allowing them to emerge fully in the final movement. On this disc, Bach’s last cello suite follows Britten’s, and Perényi’s Bach dances with elegance and energy. The album concludes with a return to Hungary, and Ligeti’s cello sonata of 1948-1953. Ligeti released the piece for publication only in 1979, so it figures in the chronology (as Paul Griffiths points out in the notes) both before and after the Britten. This disc is Perényi’s first ECM solo recital, and follows his brilliant performance, alongside András Schiff, in the 2001/2 recordings of the Complete Music for Piano and Violoncello by Beethoven.

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Tony Banks / Composer

Charlie Siem / Violin *Blade
Martin Robertson / Alto Saxophone *Siren
The City of Prague Philharmonic Orchestra and Lucie Svehlova / Orchestra and Concert-master
Paul Englishby / Orchestrator


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For this recording, realized at Propstei St. Gerold in November 2009, the Hilliard quartet of David James, Rogers Covey-Crump, Steven Harrold and Gordon Jones was augmented by soprano Monika Mauch and second countertenor David Gould, both of whom have a history with the group. Gould appears on the groups albums of Bach Motets and Guillaume de Machaut Motets. Mauch, meanwhile, sang with the Hilliards on the highly successful Bach ‘reconstruction’ album Morimur, based on the research of Helga Thoene.The group has recently commissioned other composers from the Baltic States, including Veljo Tormis and Erkki-Sven Tüür, adding to a rich repertoire of new music from Gavin Bryars, Heinz Holliger, John Casken, James MacMillan, Elena Firsova and many others.

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The acoustic bass, the lowest string instrument, is used in many different fields. Be it classical, ethnic or jazz music: the bass has become an indespensible part of the family of musical instruments. Different playing techniques and stylistic characteristics have developed which sometimes seem to exclude one another. Although it is basically the same instrument there are very different ways of playing it.Bass Instinct is a journey through the sonic spectres of the acoustic bass, actually by 6 basses performed strictly acoustic and unamplified.

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The viola is emerging from the shadows: Garth Knox’s utterly original recital combines its dusky tones in new music – by Kaija Saariaho (with electronics) and Knox himself (a flash of moody Piazzolla) – with music for the larger viola d’amore and medieval fiddle. The repertory swirls across the centuries: eloquent, pared down arrangements of Dowland and Purcell songs for viola d’amore and cello, and a complete Vivaldi concerto reduced to its bare outline rub shoulders with vigorous folk dances and a flowing transition from Hildegard of Bingen to Machaut 200 years later, all unified by Knox’s clear-sighted vision and superb, earthy playing.

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