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Ronnie Dean Tinsley and The Dark Horse Rodeo – Renegade (2016)

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The Last Shadow Puppets – Everything You’ve Come To Expect (2016)

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Unlike their debut, ‘Everything You’ve Come To Expect’ isn’t fixated on the ’60s baroque-pop of Scott Walker and David Axelrod, although a different vibe and era – ’70s soft-rock and blue-eyed soul – does prevail in places. Opening track ‘Aviation’ may be the closest they come to sounding like their former selves – it’s the “Puppety tune” that convinced them to reprise the project – although we don’t recall them ever being so forward as Kane’s reptilian come-on of “It’s your decision, honey/ My planet or yours?”. The lounge-lizard act – which, judging by Kane’s behaviour during a recent Spin interview, isn’t confined to the music – feels especially self-parodic on lead single ‘Bad Habits’, although it’s redeemed by Owen Pallett’s sweeping, cinematic string arrangements (once again, the Canadian composer is the Shadow Puppets’ unsung hero).
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