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Wyatt Funderburk – Novel and Profane (2013)

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WWyatt Funderburk is a Nashville musician, songwriter and producer. He’s been behind some of the best power pop of the past few years, producing and mixing for The Wellingtons, The Connection and Kurt Baker most recently. He’s also worked with Bowling For Soup, Linus of Hollywood and Silver Sun. But now Wyatt is on the other side of of the mixing booth crafting his first big solo album.
It’s pretty clear Wyatt has a knack for catchy hook-filled melodies and solid musicianship. Starting with the phrase “How was Your Summer?” we go on a melodic thrill ride with the song “Summer.” Next, “You Know What To Do” is a plea to girl to leave an abusive relationship, a mid-tempo slice of genius that recalls Roger Manning Jr. Each song is done with relatively restrained instrumentation and production, so the songwriting can stand out. Similar to Mike Viola or Adam Schlesinger, Wyatt twists those minor chords in each track, along with a ray of hope in each lyric. The lovely country beat and steel lap on “Feeling Good Tonight” is a welcome shift in tone, the epic “Nights Like This” gets to the heart of the album’s theme, and “Love Will Lead the Way” charms with its Tom Pettyesque rhythm and simple message.

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Ezechiel Pailhès – Divine (2013)

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EZPailhès is one-half of Parisian group Nôze, the longtime Circus Company affiliates known for mixing acoustic and electronic textures into a unique sort of dance music. Divine follows up on Pailhès’ only other solo outing to date, the track “As We Are” from Circus Company’s 2009 Snuggle & Slap compilation. From the sound of it, the album will pick up on many of Nôze’s musical signatures.

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Boris With Michio Kurihara – Rainbow (2007)

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BOIn general, there are two kinds of Boris records: 1) The fearless, focused, concept album that fully commits to a single idea (Absolutego, Feedbacker, Sun Baked Snow Cave, Altar) 2) The hybridized, genre-obliterating, “rock” record (Akuma No Uta, Pink). Rainbow is the latter; a record that crystallizes the band’s blissed-out moments into a glorious platter of epic guitar-anthems, psych-rockers, and hushed instrumentals.

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Arctic Monkeys – AM (2013)

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Fifth studio record,Arctic Monkeys’s features 12 tracks and produced by James Ford, the album features appearances from Queens of the Stone Age front- man Josh Homme plus former The Coral member Bill Ryder-Jones and Elvis Costello’s drummer Pete Thomas. The words of punk poet John Cooper Clarke appear on the track ‘I Wanna Be Yours’. […]

Richard & Linda Thompson – Pour Down Like Silver (1975)

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Musicians: Richard Thompson – guitar, vocals, mandolin, banjo, keyboards Linda Thompson – vocals Timmy Donald – drums Pat Donaldson – bass guitar Dave Mattacks – drums Dave Pegg – bass guitar John Kirkpatrick – accordion, concertina Ian Whiteman – flute, shakuhachi Aly Bain – fiddle Nic Jones – fiddle Henry Lowther – trumpet Clare Lowther […]

Matt Nathanson – Some Mad Hope ( 2007)

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Based in San Francisco, Matt Nathanson has evolved into one of the premier songwriters and dynamic performers on the music scene today. His 2007 album Some Mad Hope (his first for Vanguard) yielded the smash single “Come On Get Higher,” which has sold more than 2 million copies to date, as well as the subsequent hits “Car […]

Foy Vance – Joy Of Nothing (2013)

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He’s Bruce Springsteen and Van Morrison sewn into the same skin with an Irish soul. If you can listen to his lover’s prayer,“Shed A Little Light” without getting a lump in your throat of a hitch in your getalong, you must be deceased. Paul Thorn gave this singer/songwriter’s career a boost in the states by […]

Tim Hicks – Throw Down (2013)

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Tracks: 1. Hell Raisin’ Good Time 2. Get By 3. Just Add Water 4. Buzz Buzz Buzzing 5. Got A Feeling 6. Long Way Jose 7. Stronger Beer 8. Sure Ain’t Tough Tonight 9. Nothing On You And Me 10. Greasey John Deere Cap 11. Can’t Get Enough 12. Cheers To You mp3 VBR~257  kbps […]

UB40 – Getting Over the Storm (2013)

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Getting Over the Storm is the upcoming eighteenth studio album by English reggae band UB40. It features cover versions of songs either written or recorded by country music artists together with five original UB40 songs. The country music tracks include the Randy Travis song “On the Other Hand”, George Jones’ “Getting Over the Storm”, Willie […]