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The Floorboards – The Floorboards (2012)

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fThe band marries rock & roll and country roots with the sights and sounds of southern mountain towns. In their first year as a band, The Floorboards quickly have become a staple in Southwest VA and are branching out with purpose. Having co-billed with bands such as Trampled by Turtles and performed at venues and festivals in the southeast along side Drive by Truckers, Jackson Brown, Matisyahu, Allison Krause and Union Station, and many others.

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The Gourds – Heavy Ornamentals (2006)

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folderThe Gourds have been relentlessly spewing up quality records that challenge the conventions of both country and pop music with equal parts earnestness and irreverence for over a decade. Bandleaders Kevin Russell and Jimmy Smith write hyper-literate songs that challenge even the most learned grad student while retaining enough “good old boy” idioms to placate the piss-drunk yahoo tapping his mirrored shades against the end of the bar. Their eighth full-length album, Heavy Ornamentals, doesn’t stray far from the “juke joint in Samuel Clemens’ brain” aesthetic that drove career highs like Stadium Blitzer and Ghosts of Hallelujah into alternative country hearts around the world. Recorded all analog in order to capture every note — mistakes are left in to add to the authenticity — Ornamentals is both their truest and most raw release in some time. Russell provides his usual mix of heartfelt Texas poetry — try the achingly gorgeous “Our Patriarch” — while Smith remains the well-read deviant opining on everything from gassy roommates to a local forecaster — “Do you think it rains when my weather girl cries/I sh*t you not it’s softball size.” The Gourds are peerless avatars of pop culture, referencing everything from Schoolhouse Rock! (“Decline-O-Meter”) to Star Trek (“Pick and Roll”) — in the latter, Smith announces, “Hey, your Romulan ale is flat,” then manages to work in a reference to original Catwoman Eartha Kitt and an Empire Strike Back quote (“I thought they smelled bad on the outside”). By now, anyone who boarded the train with 1997’s Dem’s Good Beeble has a pretty high tolerance for the band’s many eccentricities, and will likely give Heavy Ornamentals the two or three spins it requires to permeate their own gourds, but for those just getting on, a trip back in time may better prepare them for the wild ride ahead.

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Jonny Lang – Fight For My Soul (2013)

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joGuitarist and singer/songwriter, Jonny Lang will release his first new album in seven years, Fight For My Soul.Released by Provogue Records/Mascot Label Group, the new album, produced by Tommy Sims who co-wrote Eric Clapton’s Grammy winning “Change the World”, is the follow up to Lang’s Grammy Award winning 2006 album Turn Around.Since the release of his 1997 major label debut Lie To Me, the then 16 year-old Lang has built a reputation as one of the best live performers and guitarists of his generation.  The release of the new album will be followed by a European tour in October that will include a sold out concert at London’s Borderline (October 3), Lang’s first UK show in over a decade.
Fight For My Soul features textured arrangements, vocal melodies, and expressive guitar playing.  Says Lang, “Much of what I’ve experienced through music and life in general is in these songs.  I really like reaching out and connecting with people.  For me, this is what it’s all about.  It keeps it fresh with different experiences every day.”

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Irish Rose – Long Way (2013)

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The band Irish Rose was formed by a group of enthusiasts whose common interest is the music that is often referred to as “Celtic” music. The repertoire of the band consists of songs and tunes mainly from Ireland and Scotland. Also enrich their repertoire of their own songs and tunes, which are inspired by Celtic […]