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Kevin Fennell – Bustin’ Out Blues (2013)

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Tracklist: 01. Broke Down Train 02. Blue Cloud 03. Run Highway Run 04. Rollin’ Stone 05. Hard Luck Town 06. Texas Dance Hall Blues 07. Dust Devil 08. Takin’ Betts 09. Burger Baby 10. Home Made Whiskey 11. Storm Is Gonna Blow mp3 320 kbps | 110 MB | UL | CL

The Mary Janes – Record No. 1 (1999)

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What with their Nashville record label and conspicuous fiddle and steel guitar, the Mary Janes are generally considered to be a part of the alt-country phenomenon. But the group’s actual sound, which is slow, gently jangly, and swooningly tuneful, is about as far from country tradition as you can get and still feature fiddle and […]

Stephan Mathieu & David Sylvian – Wandermude (2013)

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Personnel: David Sylvian – Guitars, Synthesizers, Samples, Ampeg Stephan Mathieu – Ebowed virginale, Farfira organ, Radio, Fender twin John Tilbury – Piano Christian Fennesz – Guitar laptop mp3 320 kbps | 136 MB | UL | CL

Mick Rogers – Sharabang (2013)

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In 2013 rock singer and guitarist extraordinaire Mick Rogers manoeuvres his musical omnibus „Sharabang“ unerringly on to the RockNRoll-Highway. On his „Sharabang“ his current solo effort, Mick still favors some of the best musical company on his journey. This time around the front-seats of this vehicle are not occupied by his long-time band-members in Manfred […]

Ventana Son – Ventana Son (2013)

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Ventana Son was born and raised on the central coast of California. This is where he continues to reside and write songs. Ventana Son’s debut LP is 11 original tunes featuring musicians Nico Georis, Rushad Eggleston, and Shaun Elley. The album was produced by Nico Georis and recorded to tape at Pepper Tree Studio in […]

Todd Herfindal – Right Here Now (2013)

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Twelve-song solo record, Right Here Now , gives about as pure a statement of the people and sounds in Todd’s life that he could possibly offer. It’s a sonic guidebook for an Americana-style ramble around the deep indie music backstreets of Los Angeles and San Francisco, with a side tour of sonic shimmer territory that […]

Hackensaw Boys – For the Love of a Friend (2013)

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Tracks: 1. Keep It Simple 2. Flora 3. Blue Run 4. Radio 5. End Times 6. Oh Girl 7. Parking Lot Song 8. Can’t Catch Me 9. Ruby Pearl 10. Elzic’s Farewell 11. Limosuin Lady 12. Dance Around 13. By And By 14. Box Of Pine 15. We Are Many 16. Get In Line Brother […]

Guy Clark – My Favorite Picture of You (2013)

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If any single line on Guy Clark’s new album My Favorite Picture of You could sum up the common theme of all eleven tracks, that’s it. It comes about halfway into “Hell Bent on a Heartache”, where the storied songwriter explores his unending yearning for newness. It’s not a song about seeking love so much […]

Pete Donelly – Face the Bird (2013)

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Pete Donnelly, who was a member of the legendary band NRBQ, is also a founding member of The Figgs, which has a world-wide fan base, a hearty discography, and has toured and recorded several times with Graham Parker. As the ever active bass player and song writer in The Figgs, founded in Saratoga Springs, N.Y. […]

Travis Tritt – The Calm After… (2013)

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Travis Tritt released an album called The Storm on Category 5 Records in 2007 and, not long afterward, the label sank under the murk of scandal, leaving Tritt with no choice but to launch a prolonged legal battle. He eventually won and secured the rights to the Randy Jackson-produced The Storm, which he then retitled […]

The Cooper Brothers – Southbound (2013)

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There’s nothing nostalgic about Ottawa’s The Cooper Brothers or their new opus, “Southbound”. Yes they were under wraps for about 20 years following the death of lead vocalist Terry King, but the Coopers made a tentative step forward in 2010 with the release of “In From The Cold” and now plan a fully-fledged return to […]

Wiretree – Get Up (2013)

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Committed Anglophiles Wiretree have been plying their trade since 2005. They originally began as solo project for Austin native Kevin Peroni but have since developed into a full band. Now “guided by the power pop light of Big Star”, their new album sets the expectation for tune-encrusted songs from a different time. Yet as much […]

Aaron Neville – Best Of Aaron Neville: Gospel (2013)

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This new addition to the Icon series features 11 timeless Gospel songs done in a raw, delta flavor that only Aaron can deliver. Tracks: 01. Morning Has Broken 02. A Change Is Gonna Come 03. Let It Be 04. Oh Happy Day 05. What A Friend We Have In Jesus 06. I Know I’ve Been […]

Amanda Pearcy – Royal Street (2013)

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It’s funny how so much of the ‘country music’ born in Texas differs from the rest of the U.S. maybe because it shares a border with a latin American country, Mexico, and so has absorbed part of that nations excellent, but different, culture, as a consequence of which we have ‘Tex Mex’ and the diversity […]

Vandaveer – Oh, Willie, Please… (2013)

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New folk revival bands like Mumford & Sons, The Lumineers and The Avett Brothers reimagine old-time music as uniformly fervent and life-affirming and white, but there’s some fucked-up shit in the American songbook: odes to deviant sex that would make E.L. James blush, descriptions of crimes so brutal they make Grand Theft Auto look like […]

Eileen Rose – Long Shot Novena (2002)

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By the time Eileen Rose’s debut album, Shine Like It Does, came out in 2001, the female singer/songwriter boom of the ’90s was unofficially over. Major labels were no longer going out of their way to find the next Alanis Morissette, the next Fiona Apple, or the next Sarah McLachlan. But talented female singer/songwriters had […]

Karoline Hausted – Echoes (2013)

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Tracks: 01 Maelstrom 02 How Sweet It Can Be 03 Camilla 04 Time In Mind 05 Echoes 06 Travelling 07 Strings 08 Long Lost 09 An Ocean In You mp3 VBR~235 kbps | 67 MB | UL | CL

VA – Classic Rock Presents: Bag of Bones (2013)

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Tracklist: 01. Devon Allman’s Honeytribe – Mercy Mercy 02. Leslie West – Third Degree 03. Europe – Bag of Bones 04. Walter Trout – Lonely 05. Don Airey – People in Your Head 06. Gov’t Mule – Railroad Boy 07. Beth Hart & Joe Bonamassa – I Love You More Than You’ll Ever Know 08. […]

Bonnie Whitmore – There I Go Again (2013)

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Bonnie Whitmore‘s second disc is crammed full of soulful, insistent Americana, with sharp-edged songs sometimes reminiscent of Tom Petty, delivered in a sure voice that’s both powerful and plaintive and throws in a touch of twang just when it feels most called for, as in the rootsy “Cryin’ Out for Me” and the elemental “The […]

Christy McWilson – The Lucky One (2000)

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Picketts singer Christy McWilson has one of those voices that, when you hear it, it matters little what she’s singing; the sound of her voice alone makes the experience worthwhile–think a throaty Kelly Willis. Producer Dave Alvin may describe her as a “roots-rock Sylvia Plath,” but between the warmth of her warble and the perkiness […]