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The Mary Janes – Record No. 1 (1999)

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31J1TES6TYLWhat with their Nashville record label and conspicuous fiddle and steel guitar, the Mary Janes are generally considered to be a part of the alt-country phenomenon. But the group’s actual sound, which is slow, gently jangly, and swooningly tuneful, is about as far from country tradition as you can get and still feature fiddle and steel guitar. In fact, “Shooting Star,” which opens the album with a seven-minute stretch of dreamy vocals, plodding drums, and incredibly affecting melody, evinces no other group as much as This Mortal Coil. “Wish I Could Fly” is more clearly rooted in country-rock, or at least folk-rock. Built on a foundation of guitar arpeggio and fiddle ostinato, it’s an irresistible piece of sweet, yearning guitar pop. Singer and guitarist Janas Hoyt tends to whisper, and she shies away from liquid consonants unnecessarily (á la Natalie Merchant and Eddie Reader), but her delivery never seems less than perfect in the context of the song. This is a rare gem of a debut from a band that already deserves far wider recognition.

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Stephan Mathieu & David Sylvian – Wandermude (2013)

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David Sylvian – Guitars, Synthesizers, Samples, Ampeg
Stephan Mathieu – Ebowed virginale, Farfira organ, Radio, Fender twin
John Tilbury – Piano
Christian Fennesz – Guitar laptop

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Mick Rogers – Sharabang (2013)

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miIn 2013 rock singer and guitarist extraordinaire Mick Rogers manoeuvres his musical omnibus „Sharabang“ unerringly on to the RockNRoll-Highway. On his „Sharabang“ his current solo effort, Mick still favors some of the best musical company on his journey. This time around the front-seats of this vehicle are not occupied by his long-time band-members in Manfred Mann’s Earth Band, but by the brilliant and exceptionally professional Bissonette brothers on drums and bass, as well as Matt Rollings on the black and white keys.

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