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Bill Fay – Bill Fay (1971)

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billFay’s self-titled debut album is an over-serious, labored folk pop/rock affair. As a songwriter, certainly his big influence is Blonde on Blonde-era Bob Dylan. But like someone else who heavily imitated that phase of Dylan’s songwriting, David Blue, Fay doesn’t have the deft touch with words that the master does. And like Blue, he has trouble hitting a lot of vocal notes, sometimes embarrassingly so. An aspect of this album that does not sound like either Dylan or Blue is the odd orchestration, which toes an uneasy line between the sort of stately, Baroque classicism heard in some of Nick Drake’s arrangements and cheesy easy listening. It’s usually delivered with a somber, earnest air, with the intent of someone who believes he has something very important to impart, but really isn’t too interesting. The disjointed impressionism of songs like “The Sun Is Bored” have more ambition than quality or cogency, while songs with a storytelling bent like “Gentle Willie” seem to be leading toward a grand message that never arrives.

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John Moreland – In the Throes (2013)

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JOHNWith the soul of a poet and the look of a Sons of Anarchy extra, Tulsa’s John Moreland has been gifted the sort of gravely, booming voice that does Bruce Springsteen proud and a similar understanding of the universal human experience. It’s made for some fantastic records — both as a solo artist and with his dissolved Black Gold Band — and In the Throes is his best yet.

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Cristopher Cross – Night in Paris (2013)

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CHRAfter the release of the studio album “Doctor Faith“, Christopher Cross started one of his biggest tours in Europe in the last 15 years. “A Night In Paris” is the first live 2CD/DVD by Christopher Cross which was filmed at the notorious Theatre Le Trianon in Paris, France in April 2012.The 90 minutes show is impeccable, the new material is fused beautifully with all the songs the audience is expecting. The wonderful theatre gives the concert a magical atmosphere. Songs like ‘Sailing’, ‘Ride Like The Wind’ and ‘Arthur’s Theme’, sound simply perfect placed beside the most recent songs like ‘Leave It To Me’ and ‘November’.

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The Bills – Yes Please (2013)

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Red House Records is pleased to announce that they will be releasing The Bills’ new album Yes Please. Known the world over for their exquisite songcraft, instrumental virtuosity and dynamic live performances, The Bills feature an all-star line-up of talent from Canada’s west coast including Chris Frye (guitar, lead vocals), Marc Atkinson (mandolin, guitar, vocals), […]

Glenn Case – Throw Money (2013)

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Tracks: 1.Bullseye Girl 2.Glutton 3.OK Cupid 4.Georgia’s Hand 5.Think It Over 6.I Fell Flat 7.Pencil Me In 8.Need Stilts 9.Take A Pill 10.Reasons 11.Sweet 12.Sister mp3 320 kbps | 73 MB | UL

Anny Celsi – January (2013)

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“…a beatnik-cool performer who veers from poppy, bouncy beats to jazzy piano bar riffs and sexy come-ons… she’s sensitive but no wimp and a fellow traveler to Aimee Mann and Sheryl Crow.  The “pop-noir” soundtrack of her solo debut, “Little Black Dress,” wears a veneer of L.A. Confidential style.” — Bob Ruggiero, Houston Press mp3 […]

Torpus & the Art Directors – From Lost Home to Hope (2012)

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Tracks: 1. The Leaving 2. Dancing Kids & Summers Laughter 3. Known,Seen,Judged 4. Steps 5. Known,Seen,Judged II 6. Howl 7. Fall In Love 8. From Lost Home To Hope 9. It All Falls Together 10. Secret 11. Modesty/Honesty 12. Black Harp Girl mp3 320 kbps | 100 MB | UL | CL

Sparrow and the Workshop – Murderopolis (2013)

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When it is discovered that a band will be changing labels, it is typical for some fans to get nervous, and questions about artistic freedom are inevitable. However, fans need not worry about Sparrow & the Workshop’s debut album on Song, by Toad Records, Murderopolis, in this way even though it may appear to be […]