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Sweet Talk – Pickup Lines (2013)

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SW“Where did all the real rock n roll go? Where the people took time to craft a song, make it fun to listen to, and wanted it upbeat and catchy?” Sweet Talk answer these questions. Combining the best parts of Cheap Trick, early UK power pop and the dual guitar work of Thin Lizzy,Sweet Talk burn through eleven songs on their debut LP. This ain’t no lo-fi bedroom recording destined to choke dollar bins across the nation. No, this is real rock n roll. Pickup Lines is the antithesis of modern music: recorded in the highest of fidelity with loud guitars, vocal harmonies, solos and even containing the most elusive gem in the current age of music, catchy-as-hell-choruses.

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The Everywheres – Slow Friends (2013)

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ewSlow Friends is an album you’d want to listen to while sitting on a lake front stoop mid summer, with a beer in one hand and a cigarette in the other, watching ants run around on asphalt. The bright rhythmic sections and hypnotizing layers of guitars could very well delay the start of winter and prolong daylight. The unique breaks and charming vocal melodies draw one’s everyday worries out of the mind and open up the positives of the subconscious. The tracks seamlessly flow together with well-placed transitions and hooks.

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Skillet – Rise [Deluxe Edition] (2013)

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ri‘Rise’ is the band’s eighth studio album, and the first with new guitarist Seth Morrison, who joined Skillet in 2011. They brought back producer Howard Benson (Halestorm, Papa Roach, P.O.D.), who they worked with on ‘Awake.’
After picking 10 or so songs for ‘Rise,’ Skillet decided to make it a concept album. Vocalist/bassist John Cooper says “As we recorded them,‭ ‬we started to realize that there was something‭ ‬going on‭—‬that the album was really telling a story.‭ ‬Realizing that,‭ ‬I knew we needed to make it as powerful as we could.”
The storyline of the album follows a teenager coming of age, trying to figure out his identity in the midst of a world filled with problems. There are plenty of radio-friendly singles on ‘Rise,’ including the title track, but Skillet added more depth and diversity as well. There are interludes and cinematic elements such as children singing and choral sections on ‘Good To Be Alive.’The band utilizes a wider variety of instruments such as accordion,‭ ‬mandolin,‭ ‬dulcimer,‭ ‬harp,‭ ‬tympani and bells. They also add electronic/industrial elements, keyboards and orchestral parts.

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Mary Beth Cross – In My Right Mind (2011)

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Mary Beth Cross – vocals, background vocals Michael Payne – acoustic guitar, electric guitar Michael Douchette – dobro, harmonica Andy Leftwich – mandolin Sam Levine – wooden flute, whistle, clarinet, tenor saxophone Matt Pierson – acoustic bass, electric bass Steve Brewster – drums, percussion mp3 320 klbps | 108 MB | UL | CL

VA – Rock ‘N’ Roll Roots ~ The Country Influence (2005)

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Tracks: 1. John Lee Wills & His Boys – Milk Cow Blues 2. Bill Monroe & His Blue Grass Boys – Rocky Road Blues 3. Arthur Smith’s Hot Quintet – Guitar Boogie 4. Spade Cooley & His Orchestra – Three Way Boogie 5. The Delmore Brothers – Hillbilly Boogie 6. Hank Williams & The Drifting […]

Julian Cope – Revoltionary Suicide (2013)

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“Revolutionary Suicide,” was created by a Julian Cope title generator: he’s used both words before, repeatedly. But it’s actually borrowed from Huey P. Newton’s 1973 memoir, and Cope has some of the same aims: to force a broad reassessment of society as a system of repression. The title song finds Cope in excellent form, taking […]

Woody Pines – Lonesome Shack Blues (2007)

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It’s a rogues gallery of travelers, gamblers, ramblers, outlaws, lovers and ghosts. “…..A quilted landscape from deep within the american psyche.” Recommended if You Like: Beck Tom Waits Willie Nelson mp3 VBR~257 kbps | 61 MB | UL