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Woody Pines – Rabbits Motel (2013)

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wWith his brand-new, full-length album, Rabbits Motel, Woody Pines returns to the roads that have long inspired him, packing along his many inspirations, from Bill Haley to Leadbelly, Chuck Berry to Hank Williams, and Sam Cook to Doc Watson. True to form, most of the songs on the album are original, though we challenge you to tell us which ones just from listening. This is juke joint music, the kind of roadhouse songs that are made to get people up and dancing. With Rabbits Motel, Woody took the time to really use the studio to his advantage, bringing a much harder edge to his music. Still thoroughly grounded in the blues and rags of before, this album has a strong independent streak. The song “Hobo & His Bride” starts from a folk song foundation but winds up a kind of epic tale about young lovers. “Railroad Vine” speaks of long train travels while channeling a dusty Southwest vibe. The infectious opening song “Like I Do” bumps along like a pickup on an old dirt road, singing about shattered relationships. Woody Pines’ new full studio sound leaves the street corner behind, but opens up rich new possibilities.

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Eugene ‘Hideaway’ Bridges – Roots And Vines (2013)

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euSeven-time Blues Music Award nominee Eugene ‘Hideaway’ Bridges is the son of Preacher Othineil Bridges Sr., also known as blues singer and guitarist Hideaway Slim. Eugene’s musical foundation was built on Gospel and blues, singing and playing guitar and bass for numerous gospel groups as he was growing up. Eugene was also influenced by many other styles and musicians, such as T-Bone Walker and Sam Cooke.

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Brother JT – The Svelteness of Boogietude (2013)

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The Svelteness of Boogietude is a typical of JT’s output in certain ways — rockers mixed with ballads, all of them crafted with causal elegance — but there are new elements here as well. In particular, there’s an attention to the legacy of later-period T. Rex, which results in tunes that kick total ass. Mr Coley, having seen Bolan play during his Zinc Alloy/Zip Gun Boogie period, went so far as to claim that “JT’s approach to this stuff equals that of the Master — huge riff-based anthems that balance glam dynamics with mystical history on the head of a pin. “ But JT also manages to pull of ballads that can remind one of Beat Happening (“Gliding”) or what it might be like to hear Warren Zevon covering the Velvets (“Somebody Down There”), a lost track by the Stalk Forrest Group (“Muffintop”) or even a Kevin Ayers/Scott Walker move so bold you’ll shiver (“I Still Like Cassettes”).
It’s inconceivable that anyone who truly digs rock music will not be sucked deeply into the vortex of Boogietude. We can only pray that you will hear it, to experience the massive wonders of he who is Brother JT.

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Bella Ruse – Those Were Good Times, Weren’t They? (2013)

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Tracks: 1.Here’s What I Know 2.Do it Now 3.Try 4.For the Ancient Sun 5.Those Were Good Times, Weren’t They? 6.Operation 7.Fool 8.Strangers 9.When You Asked Me For the Moon 10.Ghost in the Bedroom 11.Golden Baby 12.All of Us 13.Keep Trying m4a 256 kbps | 81 MB | UL | CL

Jesse Dee – On My Mind In My Heart (2013)

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Dee’s Alligator Records debut and first album in five years, On My Mind/In My Heart, a similar work of soul revivalism would be to pigeonhole it unfairly. Dee incorporates essential elements of doo-wop and R&B, along with Southern and Northern soul, across 11 tracks whose second-greatest triumph is that they are as diligently orchestrated and […]

Kerry Ellis & Brian May – Acoustic By Candlelight (2013)

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Kerry Ellis and Brian May’s new album, Acoustic by Candlelight, recorded live during last year’s Born Free tour. Tracks: 1. Born Free 2. I Loved A Butterfly 3. I Who Have Nothing 4. Dust In The Wind 5. The Kissing Me Song 6. Nothing Really Has Changed 7. Life Is Real 8. The Way We […]