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John Prine & Mac Wiseman – Standard Songs for Average People (2007)

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johnpThings don’t get much schmaltzier than a Dobro played Hawaiian style, which is why it’s fitting that Cowboy Jack Clement offers one up on “The Blue Side of Lonesome,” Leon Payne’s dated but charming classic–only one such excursion into blue-haired reminiscing on an album of over-the-top sentimentality. It was the legendary Clement who paired smart-ass folkie Prine and bluegrass totem Wiseman, but the singers themselves chose the repertoire, which reads like songs people of a certain age might pick on a dry drunk. The tunes range, believe it or not, from religious hymns to covers of Patti Page’s 1957 hit “Old Cape Cod,” Kris Kristofferson’s underrated “Just the Other Side of Nowhere,” and Tom T. Hall’s “Old Dogs, Children, and Watermelon Wine,” with a little Elvis and Ernest Tubb thrown in for good measure. It’s fitting that Prine and Wiseman revisit the Hall standard, since oddly, both singers vocally favor the Nashville storyteller from time to time. But one has to question their use of the Grand Ole Opry’s Carol Lee Singers, who show up on several cuts and seem, well, just bizarre on a John Prine record, even as they evoke the lushly famous Nashville Sound of the 1960s. Suffice it to say, this is a quirky project, and if Prine’s scratchy baritone and Wiseman’s melodic tenor sometimes overlap to where you can’t tell who’s singing what, it doesn’t much matter. You’re listening to two new pals having what seems to be the time of their life.

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Fearthainne – Knowing – 2013

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fe​Acoustic guitars, violin, drum, dulcimer, and voice are the implements of this craft, as Fearthainne eschews the use of electrified tools. A textural passage through emotional sonic terrain, we clear a space for the unfolding of human majesty, in the process welcoming home the battered and bruised creature we are. We will never settle for the paucity and degradation of modern life, demanding instead the authentic humanness and depth that are our birthright.

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Ray Manzarek & Roy Rogers – Twisted Tales (2013)

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RAYNew collaboration between legendary Rock keyboardist Ray Manzarek and Blues slide guitarist Roy Rogers. Manzarek and Rogers have received no shortage of kudos since they first recorded together five years ago. This release is a collaboration of keyboard and guitar sounds that merge with stories, images and art. These two amazing musicians create an `intoxicating, plush sound that is – more than unique.’ Manzarek and Rogers are seemingly an odd pairing – but their recording unleashes a stunning musical landscape for the listener. This music will `take you for a ride. Twisted Tales is destined to become a classic, not only as Ray Manzarek’s last recording, but also as a definitive work of two great artists.

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Will Callers – What Else Is Left (2013)

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What Else Is Left? is the new record from The Will Callers, the songwriting duo of Jake Murphy (vocals/guitar) and Daniel Slaton (drums/vocals), backed by Brad Rice (Whiskeytown, Son Volt) and Scrappy Jud Newcomb (Loose Diamonds, Ian McLagan). They also get some help on their first full length release from George Reiff, Bukka Allen and […]

Dayna Kurtz – Secret Canon Vol. 2 (2013)

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Rich as the darkest Godiva chocolate, the voice gets into your bones until you can barely sleep at night and can t get through the day without it….Kurtz sounds at times like her musical DNA contains traces of Leonard Cohen and Tom Waits, not to mention the worlds great cabaret singers. –Paste mp3 320 kbps […]

Big Al And The Heavyweights – Sunshine On Me (2013)

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Big Al & the Heavyweights new release, Sunshine On Me was produced by American Roots Music, Award Winning Guitar Master and Songwriter, Anders Osborne. The cd features some great guest musicians including Anders plus jam band guitar hero, Warren Haynes of the Allman Brothers and Gov’t Mule playing his signature slide guitar on the title […]