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Hospital Ships – Destruction in Yr Soul (2013)

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HOFor every band like Sun Angle, who deftly weave the dichotomous sounds of punk and tropical, there are bands like Hospital Ships. Formerly the bedroom project of Kansas’ Jordan Geiger, their incongruous mix of satiny folk-rock and jagged garage rock should, theoretically, flourish. But as Destruction In Yr Soul demonstrates, their balancing act is far too disjointed to be successful.

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Peter Bruntell – Retrospektive (2013)

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PEReleased via Blind Eye Records on 7 May (USA) followed by a European release through Loose Music on 17 June, the seventeen track collection features cuts from all eight of Bruntnell’s solo records, including career highlights ‘Handful Of Stars’ and ‘Here Come The Swells’.
The concluding track is a re-recording of ‘Played Out’ which features guest vocals from English folk siren Rumer. The new interpretation of the song, originally released in 2004, breathes a new lease of life into the arrangement and indeed, instrumentation. The line “I always say you’re better for things that you go through, still I got nothin’ to show for you” delivered with such understated elegance, showcases just one of the many reasons why Bruntnell is still – after twenty years – one of Britain’s finest songwriters.

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Van Morrison & John Lee Hooker – Together (2007)

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joBlues dean John Lee Hooker and Belfast cowboy Van Morrison, together again. For many listeners, it doesn’t get much better than this. The two have collaborated on piecemeal projects for the last 25 years but unite definitively on Hooker’s new album, “Don’t Look Back.” It’s produced by Morrison, who also sings on four tracks and seems to be living a disciple’s dream. “A lot of people can’t work with Van, but him and me team up well,” Hooker said last week. “We got a lot of love and respect for each other.

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Eric Brace and Peter Cooper – The Comeback Album (2013)

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 Grammy nominees Eric Brace & Peter Cooper return with The Comeback Album. a sparkling set that marries nine self-penned songs with gems from Tom T. Hall, Karl Straub, and David Halley. Track List: 1. Ancient History 2. Ponzi Scheme 3. Thompson Street 4. Johnson City 5. Mad 6. She Can’t Be Herself 7. Kissing Booth […]