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The Wave Pictures – The Songs Of Jason Molina (2013)

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The Wave Pictures - The Songs Of Jason Molina“The music was bleak and un-showy, though Jason was dressed in an inappropriately fancy Nashville style suit. He had a guitar sound that rang like a bell. The songs cut straight to the core. The voice hit me in the belly.” – David Tattersall (of The Wave Pictures) after seeing Jason at End Of The Road Festival

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Field Report – Field Report (2013)

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fWhen Wisconsin indie-folk legends DeYarmond Edison fractured, the members hurried into other projects – most notably, Justin Vernon became Bon Iver. Most of the rest of the collective formed Megafaun, but Chris Porterfield went out to invent Conrad Plymouth (who actually ended up opening for Vernon’s vastly more successful splinter), and later on, Field Report. You’d think there would be pangs of fist-shaking jealousy or viridian envy – but apparently not. Though both diverged at a critical point in life, and Vernon went to superstardom while Porterfield scurried between support slots, the Field Report mainman harbours no resentment; he actually draws inspiration from his old band chum, and remains amicable with him.
Even if their paths went in differing directions, they share similarities in their sound – Field Report, the eponymous debut, recalls the Midwest isolation and fragility of heartfelt emotions of For Emma, Forever Ago. There are shared moments of crackling falsetto and the campfire acoustica hellbent on surging shivers through your spine. They both inhabit a niche of folk that can simultaneously evoke the terrors and bleakness of loneliness, but also the Clover advert orange glow of familial harmony. There are strands of desolation, there are strands of unequivocal vigour.
Field Report is rife with comparisons to the more famous shrapnel of DeYarmond Edison. However, when the collection is listened to thoroughly and concurrently, those similarities begin to fade – it’s still frail Midwest folk, but it’s told from a wholly new perspective. There are superficial likenesses, but when you peel back the top layer, Field Report’s noises take on a completely different guise, offering a more Southern approach to the genre. If you look past the surface, you’ll be able to appreciate the calibre of this record on its own merit rather than as an imitation. These are brilliant capsules of modern folk, and you’re advised to ingest them twice daily in a forest sodden with rolling mist and the sharpness of dawn.

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The Popdogs – Cool Cats For Pop Dogs (2013)

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popFrom Lincoln-based power-pop band The Popdogs comes the stunning new album, Cool Cats For Pop Dogs. The album features ten terrific tunes, including the seriously catchy “Queen Of The U.S.A”, and the metrical and melodious “Honest Guy”.
The songs are simply structured for the most part, but that just adds to the seamless flow that every song possesses. Easy-listening, tuneful, and catchy as hell. It would be prudent to mention the classic power-pop guitar work in this album; the whole collection of songs is rife with bright melodies and well-articulated chords.
Each song retains the classic nuances of The Knack, R.E.M, The Beatles and The Byrds amongst other great power-pop bands, but with subtle modernisations that make the genre more accessible. For example, you won’t find the dominant bass riffs that this genre of music is known for (My Sharona by The Knack is a good example here), nor will you hear constant vocal harmonisation.

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House Of Freaks – Tantilla (1989)

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Folk and pop melodies drive this magnificent album from start to finish. The chorus to “Sun Gone Down” holds up against any great hook, from Nick Lowe to Tommy James. Tantilla is pure Southern Gothic, as subjects from religion to the Civil War are addressed and set to a roots music beat that is handy, […]

Anders & Kendall – Wild Chorus (2013)

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Anders Parker (New Multitudes, Varnaline) and Kendall Meade (Mascott, Sparklehorse, Helium) present Wild Chorus, the first full-length from these longtime collaborators. Wild Chorus was engineered and mixed by Scott Minor (Sparklehorse, Beth Orton) and captures the beautiful combination of Parker’s bruised Americana with Meade’s supple indie pop. Tender and melodic…recalling the halcyon formative years of […]