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Lyn Saga – Venice (2013)

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 lWith finger picked guitar and a Weezer-esque garage sound touched by slight elements reminiscent of 50s music, Lyn Saga offers suprisingly catchy music in a culture where most young female artists all have the same auto-tuned pop “stuff”.

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The Warren Hood Band – The Warren Hood Band (2013)

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waWarren Hood is an accomplished musician who plays violin, fiddle, mandolin, and composes and sings as well. He lives in Austin, Texas and performs with his local band, Warren Hood and the Hoodlums, in a blend of jazz/blues/newgrass acoustic fusion of music, on Sundays @ Momo’s. In the 2005 Austin Chronicle Best Musician Awards, Warren was voted #1-Best String Player and hisband was voted 2nd in the bluegrass category, by the Austin readers of this entertainment weekly.
The self-titled debut album, The Warren Hood Band, was brilliantly produced by Charlie Sexton and 9 of the 11 songs were written/co-written by Warren, including the album’s single “Alright” and the rockin’, soulful “Where Have You Gone”, phenomenally sung by Emily Gimble.

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Ben Weaver – Paper Sky (2007)

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POnly in his twenties at the time of this release, Ben Weaver smacks of such barrel-voiced, existential depressives as Leonard Cohen and Greg Brown. But even at his darkest, and even at the most weary and plodding pace, there is something lulling and wistful about Weaver’s muse. “Plastic Bag” plods along on piles of slow tumbling piano notes and Weaver’s deep mournful rumble of a voice, but then, suddenly, he swoops to the upper edge of his range and croons prettily and desperately, adding a whole other dimension to the downer trip. “Down 25” uses the same flourishes, tethering Weaver’s lost highway/lost love poeticisms to plucked guitar, spare drum whacks, and his alternating rumble and croon. By contrast, “Geisha” is deep, gutbucket Americana, built on scalding guitar and Weaver’s apocalyptic snarl. “Wings as Knives” is similarly dark and dire, with low organ groans providing the musical bed instead of guitar. Paper Sky reveals a new, highly poetic and creative songwriter more than ably staking out lonely terrain that has previously been traversed by such iconoclastic Americana troubadours as Brown and Richard Buckner.

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The Sunny Cowgirls – Summer (2010)

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Since the release of their debut album, “Little Bit Rusty”, in 2005, The Sunny Cowgirls have become one of Australia’s most successful acts. The lyrics of sisters Sophie and Celeste Clabburn make you smile warmly or laugh out loud. They write stories about life in Australia with extraordinary freshness and deliver them in a musical […]

Mike Marlin – Grand Reveal (2013)

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Raised in suburbia, Marlin dropped out of Oxford and completed his education by attending as many gigs as possible, from Elvis Costello and Graham Parker to Siouxsie and the Banshees and The Cure. It wasn’t until 25 years later, after a career spent staring at a computer screen, that he decided to walk away and […]