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IGNATZ – Because Time Is Too Short (2012)

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IGNA limited to 100 copies tape by Ignatz (the Brussels-based Bram Devens). “Because Time Is Too Short”, a C40 cassette, features 10 tracks of stunning acoustic guitar-based songs, wrapped with effects, and improvisation, and spontaniety: future blues.

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Master Musicians of Bukkake – Far West (2013)

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coverWith the close of their Totem Trilogy, Master Musicians of Bukkake finished a journey of one kind. Far West begins another. Possibly the distances travelled and the lessons learned left MMB a little weary. No strangers to sprawl—or patience—Far West has a shift in the stretch, a different residue between the muscles used. Maybe it’s simply that a new introspection is the logical next step. Whether west or any other compass point, you’re moving, changing position and fulcrum. It’s natural that the mind should follow the body…to a point, of course. Whatever your choice of absorption (and there are obviously many, many more), Far West remains true to MMB’s wandering spirit, pushing the side roads of this trip into more progressive territory that dips as heavily into the folk pool as any other, all with their trademark enigmatic drama.

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Robert Stanley – In My Bones (2013)

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roA fiery and intense blend of Rock, Blues, and psych-folk. Be aware—from the vocals, to the guitars, to the lyrics—this is an adventurous Rockabluesic journey that will crawl into your brain cells.

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Shannon McNally – Jukebox Sparrows (2002)

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In a post-Sheryl Crow/Shelby Lynne world, Shannon McNally has a real shot of stardom, since there have already been artists who have opened the doors for her classy, urbane, slyly roots singer/songwriterism. That’s not to say that McNally is totally indebted to those artists, even if her debut, Jukebox Sparrows, recalls both, along with touches […]

The Swearengens – Waiting on the Sunrise (2013)

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From epic road songs to tear-stained tales of heartache, from Texas-style rockers to dark-humored murder ballads, The Swearengens cover a lot of musical and emotional territory with their six-piece attempt at reviving the glory days alt-country of Whiskeytown, The Jayhawks, Dwight Yoakam, Uncle Tupelo, and Steve Earle. mp3 320 kbps | 75 MB | UL […]

Phil Lee – Fall & Further Decline of Mighty King of Love (2013)

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While Nashville assumes its prominent stature as Music City, not all of the singer-songwriters fit this template. In the past, this mecca has endured strained relations with folk heroes like Hank Williams and Johnny Cash, only to embrace them later. In this tradition of free spirits, Phil Lee may be a fit. Described as a […]

I Can Lick Any Sonofabitch In The House – Mayberry (2013)

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Mayberry is an exorbitant record of mad and irritated individuals who want to sing about the craziness of the world they inhabit, and they are blessed to have the freedom to do so. All of us are, honestly. Damron also gets additional help with his equally ticked off bandmates, Handsome Jon Burbank (guitar), Mole Harris […]

Greyhound Soul – Tonight And Every Night (2007)

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Tucson’s Greyhound Soul blends rough vocals, country twang, and straight-ahead rock with a twist of the blues. It’s like hearing the child of Tom Petty, Bob Dylan, Johnny Cash, Tom Waits, Hans Olson, the Pistoleros, and one of the small, unknown bands you might catch at Modified on a Wednesday night. Their newest album, Tonight […]

V A – White Mansions and theLegend of Jesse James (1998)

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The pairing of these two records in a double-CD set, both unusual country-rock concept albums steeped in history from the end of the ’70s, is kind of a no-brainer. White Mansions was the better known of the two at the time of their original release, dealing as it does with the history of the American […]

Kasey Chambers – Kasey Chambers Story Book (2011)

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Aussie singer/songwriter Chambers buys time coming up with another set of originals with this all-covers album. Most of the tunes are newly recorded in 2011, but she does pad the list with a few tracks from earlier releases. Regardless, it hangs together well and she is clearly emotionally invested in this material, which formed her […]

Caspar Babypants – I Found You (2013)

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Simple, fun, acoustic, sing along songs for kids ages 0-6 and their parents is what the sixth album from Caspar Babypants is all about. I FOUND YOU! is a good time happy song collection for the whole family. Caspar Babypants is also known as Chris Ballew, the twice Grammy nominated songwriter and lead singer for […]