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Susan McKeown & Lorin Skamberg – Saints & Tzadiks (2009)

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suThrough archives and old recordings, Grammy-winning vocalists Susan McKeown and Lorin Sklamberg and their band have gathered a rich mix of songs from Jewish and Irish traditions on love, death, betrothal, betrayal and the demon drink. Be prepared to laugh, cry, mourn, and rejoice as these masterful musicians perform songs from the Yiddish and Irish traditions.

Susan McKeown – vocals, bodhran
Lorin Sklamberg  – vocals, accordion, piano
Erik Della Penna, Erik Dellapenna – acoustic guitar, electric guitar, tres

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Della Mae – This World Oft Can Be (2013)

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deThis is traditional American music, not just a bluegrass session. It’s a combination of tradition and eclecticism, which has become the signature sound for the all-female band who refuse to be pigeonholed. The 12 songs, all originals, are mainly live-in-the-studio first takes, with very little over- dubbing except for some of the harmony parts and solos.Recorded at the old Johnny Cash studio near Nashville, the session was produced by bluegrass guitarist Bryan Sutton and mixed by indie rock engineer Paul Q. Kolderie.

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Ben Marwood – Back Down (2013)

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01. For The Skin And The Bone
02. These Are The Days When You Can’t Go Home
03. The Soundtrack To The Trailer For Your Miserable Christmas Special
04. Under Lock And Key
05. This Industry Eats Its Young
06. I Promise You That It Will Be Okay
07. An Escape From Yeehaw Junction
08. We Are No Longer Twenty-Five
09. Demons
10. Don’t Call It A Comeback
11. Murder She Wrote
12. Lake Wales

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