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Shannon McNally – North America Ghost Music (2011)

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shShannon McNally follows up her aesthetic and critical breakthrough, Geronimo, with a live record on Backporch. First off, the title is interesting in how it relates to the set itself. Basically, she’s reliving her own ghosts with five tunes from the aforementioned recording and two from her major-label debut, Jukebox Sparrows. In fact, she opens with a raw, completely supercharged reading of “Bolder Than Paradise,” singing it with a rasp and burning guitars, pulling it out of the past and putting it in front of a crowd as something that has been shape-shifted out from under the production team’s hands. This is the way the song should have always sounded. It’s immediate, lean, wild, and barely contained inside her throat as she all but spits out the lyrics as the band rides high behind her.

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Chris Daniels – Better Days (2012)

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CHA new Americana songwriter’s album featuring Sam Bush, Richie Furay, John Magnie, Mollie O’Brien and an amazing group of musicians.
Chris records and travels with a big band. He mixes blues, jazz, western swing and even bluegrass in a Colorado made blender and comes up with his own style of music. A couple years ago he was stricken down with cancer but now he’s back with this new record – it’s titled Better Days.

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Bella Hardy – Battleplan (2013)

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beBella Hardy’s new studio album battleplan, the brooding follow-up to the award winning Songs Lost & Stolen.
On battleplan, traditional ballads are re-imagined from a female perspective, and personal experiences are reflected against fairy tales and folklore. Allowing the old and the new to mingle more than on previous albums, Bella has chosen to record some of her favourite traditional songs; songs which would be familiar to many had they not undergone a fair amount of repurposing, amalgamating and, in some cases, entire tune transplants ? as is essential to the folk process. In Hardy’s hands, songs some hundreds of years old could’ve been written yesterday, while those from her own pen have the echoes of history behind them.
Produced by Mattie Foulds (responsible for recordings by Karine Polwart, Alasdair Roberts, Lau and many more), Bella is backed on battleplan by her band The Midnight Watch, featuring the top drawer talents of Mattie himself on drums, Anna Massie on guitar & banjo, Angus Lyon on keys & accordion, and James Lindsay on bass.

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Malcolm Middleton – Sleight of Heart (2008)

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Sleight of Heart’, which is the former Arab Strap guitarist’s fourth solo album, is, however, at least in some ways a very different work from ‘A Brighter Beat’. While ‘A Brighter Beat’ toyed with electronica and was a noisy pop record that tipped occasionally into psychobilly, ‘Sleight of Hand’, the sessions for which were recorded […]

Dudley Taft – Deep Deep Blue (2013)

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Dudley Taft has yet again proven his staple in today’s blues rock scene with his upcoming album, Deep Deep Blue. After several projects came and went, Taft formed a band under his own name in 2006. His current album builds on his debut, Left For Dead, with countless hit after hit. Taft’s classic rock approach […]