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Deana Carter – Icon (2013)

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DEThe daughter of famed studio guitarist and producer Fred Carter Jr., Deana Carter grew up in a musical environment, and was exposed to a wide variety of music. Her father played guitar for a cross section of musicians, including Willie Nelson, Bob Dylan, Waylon Jennings, and Simon & Garfunkel.

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David Naiditch – Bluegrass Harmonica (2010)

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daThere may not be too much demand for a full album of Bluegrass chromatic harmonica, but for those who want to try something different, this may be it.  The tunes Naiditch plays are good old favorites like DIXIE HOEDOWN, ST ANNE’S REEL, DOWN YONDER, CUCKOO’S NEST, GOLD RUSH, JERUSALEM RIDGE, KATIE HILL, etc, and he is backed by Eric Uglum on guitar and mandolin, Austin Ward on bass, Steve Trovato on guitar, and Pat Cloud (a near legendary west coast banjo picker known for his “melodic” style of playing.

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Bela Fleck & Edgar Meyer – Music For Two (2001)

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belaOn Music for Two, banjo wizard Béla Fleck and stand-up bass maestro Edgar Meyer effortlessly sail through a challenging program that includes compositions by Bach, a sonata by Henry Eccles, a Miles Davis tune, and a number of self-composed finger twisters. The amazing thing about this varied selection is not its eclecticism–which is only to be expected with these two–but that it all blends together so seamlessly. Fleck’s jazz-tinged compositions (like “The Lake Effect”) and Meyer’s bluegrass-inspired tunes (like “Wishful Thinking”) sit so comfortably next to Bach’s baroque jewels and Davis’s cool jazz that it makes you question the entire of concept of musical classification. (In fact, the Bach preludes, inventions, and partitas translate so well to the banjo/bass arrangements, you have to wonder if old JSB might not have had a bit of bluegrass in his soul.) Music for Two was recorded live at a series of 2001 concerts, where Fleck and Meyer proved conclusively that the banjo and the bass were capable of remarkable subtlety and not just twang and boom.

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Van Dyke Parks – Songs Cycled (2013)

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Some track from this album were previously released as limited edition vinyl singles on his own imprint, Bananastan, where visual artists (Ed Rushca, Art Spiegelman) provided mouth-watering sleeve designs.When Van Dyke Parks released Song Cycle in 1968 he gained recognition for his strangely baroque interpretation of the great American songbook. This was an approach that […]