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Sam Amidon – Bright Sunny South (2013)

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SAMSam Amidon is a folk singer, multi-instrumentalist and reworker and arranger of songs, whose intriguing new album mixes sparse, no-nonsense treatments of traditional material with unexpected jazz themes and experiment. Now based in London, he was brought up in Vermont, where his parents were noted singers of shape-note hymns; 36 years ago they were part of a group who recorded Weeping Mary for the same label this album is on, and it reappears here with his deadpan vocals matched against a quirky, edgy wash of sound. Another hymn, He’s Taken My Feet, starts with Amidon’s delicate guitar work, but the mood is transformed first by a drifting solo from jazz trumpeter Kenny Wheeler, and then by an extraordinary cacophony of noise. Elsewhere, he shows off his subtle fiddle work on Streets of Derry and his piano playing on an unlikely, sparse treatment of Mariah Carey’s Shake It Off. A strange but compelling set.

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Mary Lattimore – Withdrawing Room (2013)

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CoverThe Withdrawing Room is debut album Mary Lattimore,a stunning experiment, a counterexample to music as our shared sense. Watch audiences at galleries, museum exhibits, or book readings. These are rooms of individuals, a fact that does not reflect positively or negatively on the crowd, it is simply a characteristic of the art. But rhythm and dissonance unite us. So look now to the crowds at nightclubs and live music venues: dancing with, embracing, even sharing drinks with strangers. Art exhibits don’t have that effect, nor are they meant to.

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Tom Ovans – Tombstone Boys, Graveyard Girls (2003)

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tom“Tombstone Boys, Graveyard Girls,” is Tom Ovans’ ninth album and third for Floating World records. His strongest and most thought-provoking work to date, the album has a tenacious grip on the good and the bad of the world and a poet’s view of its beauty and destruction. Musically the album finds an artist working on instinct and digging deep into the soul of each song. The album is filled with performances that are at once immediate and timeless.


Tom Ovans – vocals, acoustic guitar, electric guitar, mandolin, harmonica
Lou Ann Bardash – vocals, background vocals
Robert McEntee – electric guitar, background vocals
Mark Hallman – accordion, drums, bongos, maracas, tambourine, percussion, background vocals

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Georgia Holt – Honky Tonk Woman (2013)

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Country singer Georgia Holt , 86, mother of the legendary Cher, releases her first CD ‘Honky Tonk Woman’ .  Recorded in Los Angeles in 1980 when Georgia hooked up with Elvis Presley ‘s musicians, the country/pop album was never released. The tapes sat in Holt’s garage for over 30 years before being rediscovered, restored and […]

Ry Cooder & Taj Mahal – Rising Sons (1992)

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Their lone single and unreleased album form the core of this 22-track reissue, which features imaginative rearrangements of standards like “Corrine, Corrina,” an obscure Dylan cover (“Walkin’ Down the Line”), rocking originals, a confident performance of Goffin/King’s “Take a Giant Step” (later Mahal’s signature tune), and nifty guitar interplay between Mahal and Cooder throughout. Overall, […]

Jennie Stearns – Birds Fall (2006)

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Birds Fall was recorded and produced by Gurf Morlix in Austin Texas. Tracks: 1.Birds Fall 2.Pieces of My Heart 3.Step Into The Picture See All 2 4.Always Be 5.Sad Girl 6.Everything 7.Prisoner See All 2 8.Grandfather 9.Thirty Years 10.Moring Glory 11.Almost Missing 12.Crooked Spell 13.When You Go mp3 128 kbps | 44 MB | UL

Angel Olsen – Half Way Home (2013)

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The most immediately striking part of Olsen’s sound is her ability to sound comfortable within her traditional folk melodies one second, and fucking possessed the next. “I love the way you take a walk/ and all the things that you see with your eyes/ Oh, to be that distant thought/ some growing meaning in your […]

Natalie Maines – Mother (2013)

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After 3 years of silence, it’s Maines’ turn. Mother was co-produced with Ben Harper; he and his band back her on a series of generally polished rock & roll covers and originals. This is a singer’s record, not a songwriter’s. Maines has made no secret of her preference for rock and R&B over country, and […]