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Chris Wood – None The Wiser (2013)

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chChris Wood is back with a brand new studio album ‘None The Wiser’. Like all of Chris’ work this album has the feel of a social document.

Chris Wood: “This album began two years ago with a guitar – then an amp. Then I got a call from Hamish Stewart to come and sing a couple of my songs with him and some local funk soul brothers in a ten piece festival band. Then I became infatuated with the sound of the Hammond Organ and finally decided, for the first time, to add a string Bass. It has been all about the sound, what we might play was never really decided.

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Garrett Lebeau – Rise To The Grind (2013)

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gaGarrett Lebeau is a natural player. New and old fans hear Van Morrison, Boz Scaggs, Al Green and J.J. Cale in his songs and vocals. His playing style veers from blues through rock, jazz into folk.They all find a home in the music of Garrett Lebeau. The common ground lies in Garrett’s ability to use genres as an influence and allow the music to find its way. Garrett has the unique ability to fit into a song so perfectly that it is difficult to separate the man from the music. The result is songs that are emotionally accessible.

Musicians performing on the album include the rhythm section of Roscoe Beck (bass) who has backed Leonard Cohen, Robben Ford and Jennifer Warnes and J.J Johnson (drums) currently with the Tedeschi Truck Band following a stint with John Mayer. Other musicians include legendary B3 player Red Young and also keyboard player Stefano Intelisano, who recently toured in the Jason Mraz band.

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Iain Morrison – To the Horizon, Sir (2012)

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iIain recorded the album in several locations including Vermont, Glasgow, Greenock and Lewis. His trip to the hills of Vermont was driven by his desire to work with friend and producer Michael Chorney (Hadestown Orchestra, Anais Mitchell, Dollar General). As well as playing guitar together they also jointly produced the album.
To the Horizon, Sir is a very contemporary album but far from the ordinary. The album has a strong atmospheric quality with a nice alt-folk leaning reflected in the beautiful artwork of Natalie Jones which adorns the album…simple black and white illustrations from nature that blend well with the imagery of the songs. Vocally, Iain’s voice is often sonorous and fragile sounding, he creates some breathtaking soundscapes that are easy to lose yourself within and forget time. This release feels well rooted to the Western Isles, there is a comfort in these songs that feel lived in and honest.

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Tom Paxton – Looking For The Moon (2002)

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The darkening skies, westerly winds, and bitter cold also offer apt symbols of yet another small farming town that’s seen better days. The album’s arrangements are straightforward: acoustic guitar, joined by an occasional harmonica, mandolin, fiddle, and piano, provides spare, tasteful support to Paxton’s vocals. While it’s tempting to call Looking for the Moon “a […]

Kill County – Dust In Wire (2013)

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This record represents both an evolution and commitment to Kill County’s genuine, whiskey soaked country/folk music. Dust In Wire is oft times stoic and brooding, deliberate and contemplative, interspersed with reckless choruses and surging instrumentation. Ten songs of madness, drink, redemption, love, loss,slowburner black top and black night. mp3 320 kbps | 106 MB | […]