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Cherokee Red – Cherokee Red (2013)

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cheWith a combination of noisy, floating instrumentals, folksy vocal harmonies, nostalgic audio clips from old newsreels, and the slow, lilting pace of the album makes  want to go to dark bar, drink absinthe and write poetry. In case it would be atrocious poetry, particularly on absinthe, but the craving is there as listen to this album!

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The Humble Servants – Down To The Bone (2012)

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HUThe Humble Servants are serving music that conveys many moods performed by two of Norway”s finest vocalists. It”s beautifull, strong melodies and lyrics and the band are inspired by Celtic/ British folk and pop, but also by country music and Americana.The Humble Servants started out as a studio project , in which Lars F. Beckstrøm invited good friends to the music studio. The project has evolved to become a band consisting of Paal Flaata og Live Miranda Solberg on vocals, Lars F. Beckstrøm on various string instruments, Marius Kristiansen on guitar, Tov Ramstad on dobble bass, Gøran Grini on piano, Jørn Raknes on pedal steel, Lise Voldsdal on fiddle and Rune Lindstrøm on drums.

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Besides Daniel – This Marvelous Grief (2013)

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BEBesides Daniel is Daniel Brewer, an Atlanta singer/songwriter/and musician.In the words of the man himself, Daniel Brewer, the album “is a collection of songs that create a particular landscape of relational brokenness, with ourselves, others, and God. I found this as a thread running through the entirety of this album-a retrospective enlightenment. I have found these songs to orbit the imperfections in our love and the struggle to forgive ourselves, our companions, our family, and God.”

At the time of our interview, he stated he was going to use thirteen of the 40+ songs he had written. Another track snuck in as This Marvelous Grief comes in with 14 tracks. The influences and different styles are evident throughout. Whether it is the Graceland era Paul Simon-like “The Center of Georgia,” the Beck-esque “Grand Canyon,” or the distinctly Eleanor Rigby-ish strings on “Penny Queen,” you can see how Brewer morphs it all into something that is 100% “Daniel.”

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Duncan Overmeer – Rumour Mill (2013)

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Scottish singer songwriter based in the remote West Highlands. A sound that blends folk, roots music & alt country with the storytelling spirit of the west coast.The five songs ep has received airplay on Radio Scotland, Cuillin FM, 2Lochs Radio & was named record of the week on BBC Radio nan Gaidheal’s music show ‘Rapal’. […]

Dickey Betts – Night (1981)

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“Night” is the unreleased solo album of Dickey Betts. Tracklist: 1. Moonlight Magic 2. I Don’t Think I See Me in Your Eyes 3. Whole Lotta Memories 4. The Garden of the Rainbow Light 5. Nancy 6. Blue River 7. Alabama Rose mp3 320 kbps | 83 MB | UL | CL

VA – Remembering Patsy Cline (2003)

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Tracks: 01. Natalie Cole – I Fall To Pieces 02. Norah Jones – Why Can’t He Be You 03. Amy Grant – Back In Baby’s Arms 04. Diana Krall – Crazy 05. Michelle Branch – Strange 06. Lee Ann Womack – She’s Got You 07. k.d. lang – Leavin’ On Your Mind 08. Terri Clark […]

Allan Taylor – The Travaller (1977)

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Allan Taylor is one of England’s most-respected singer/songwriters. His songs have been covered by artists on both sides of the Atlantic, including Don Williams, Frankie Miller, Fairport Convention, Dick Gaughan, the McCalmans, the Fureys, the Clancy Brothers, and De Dannan. Musicians: Allan Taylor – 6 and 12 string guitars, cittern, dulcimer John Kirkpatrick – melodeon, […]

Patty Griffin – American Kid (2013)

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A press release also notes that it’s the first album of Griffin’s that’s completely rooted in the Americana sound. “It was recorded in Memphis,” Griffin said. “Part of the reason was the chance to get away from what I’d been doing.” The album includes appearances from the North Mississippi Allstars’ guitarist Luther Dickinson and drummer […]

Bering Strait – Bering Strait (2003)

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Nashville has long been abuzz about Bering Strait, six classically trained Russian musicians who play country and bluegrass music as if they grew up in Omaha, not Obninsk. But after four years and five record labels with no record released, do Bering Strait live up to the hype? Well, there’s no question about their chops. […]

Bonnie Whitmore – Embers To Ashes (2011)

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Bonnie Whitmore is a product of a pretty interesting childhood. Raised in Texas by a classically trained opera-singer mother and singer-songwriter father, along with a talented violin- and fiddle-playing older sister, Whitmore naturally became influenced by and drew inspiration from her family. At age 8, she started to play bass, joined the family band and […]

Federal – The Blood Flowed Like Wine (2012)

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Federale’s The Blood Flowed Like Wine, the bands third full release, expands on their efforts to re-capture the haunting, violent atmosphere evoked by classic Spaghetti Western films. Two years in the making, TBFLW maintains Federale’s use of soaring operatic vocals, fanfare blasting trumpets, lonesome whistle, twangy reverb drenched guitars and swelling men’s choir. TBFLW expands […]