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Kinky Friedman – Bi-Polar Tour: Live From Woodstock (2012)

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kinkyThis album was recorded live at The Bearsville Theater in Woodstock NY on Kinky’s East Coast Bi-Polar Tour, which took place in the spring and summer of 2012. The album features some of Kinky’s best songs (many of which have not been recorded live before this album release) as well as some of his best jokes and stories which you cannot hear anywhere else or on any other album!!! This album specially features The Ballad of Kevin Barry, a song which the Kinkster has never before performed or recorded.

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Brass Bed – The Secret Will Keep You (2013)

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BRASSLafayette, Louisiana based band Brass Bed’s new album The Secret Will Keep You is a swift-moving, riverine composition of indie-rock teeming with the alluvial guitar bursts and thumping bass that are deposited along the banks of the ten songs that comprise the album. Brass Bed perfectly navigates the waters of flowing pop and upbeat song craft; sometimes this stream lazes by gently while at others it bubbles up into fast-moving rapids. The Secret Will Keep You is equal parts driving power pop and fluid sounds.

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Oweihops – Viburnum (2009)

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owOweihops is a band from the Pioneer Valley, MA lead by singer/songwriter Michael Metivier and features multi-instrumentalist Aric Bieganek and cellist Rebekah Dutkiewicz. Oweihops have recorded three albums: ‘05’s Chickadee, ‘07’s Cinquefoil EP and their most current album, ‘09’s Viburnum. Viburnum – which is the name of a species of ornamental shrub – is warm, organic, poignant and vibrant, capturing images of the nature and beauty found in rural western Massachusetts. Oweihops’ music is all about leisurely strolling along and taking the time to enjoy the small things in life.

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Rebecca Pronsky – Only Daughter (2013)

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The ten songs on Only Daughter, Rebecca’s 4th album to date, allow us to hear that voice in all its splendour; in fact the more you listen, the more you want of it.Mostly self-penned with the one non-original, Mark Kozelek’s ambiguous Glenn Tipton (it’s not often you get two members of Judas Priest, two American […]

Tom Ovans – Dead South (1997)

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Tom Ovans is a Nashville-based, Boston-raised street rocker and song poet who is comfortable playing folk, blues, and hard-driving rock. His vocal style is eerily similar to that of Bob Dylan, with the power of Joe Ely. Tracks: 01. Killing Me 02. James Dean Coming Over The Hill 03. 1945 04. Here She Comes 05. […]

Howe Gelb – Dust Bowl (2013)

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Tracks”: 01. Dust Bowl 02. Porch Banjo 03. Lost Love 04. Man On A String 05. Reality Or Not 06. John Deere 07. Windblown Waltz 08. Redelivery Blues 09. Forever And A Day 10. Plane of Existence 11. A Coffee Song 12. The Old Overrated 13. Mystery Spot 14. Blink Of An Eye mp3 320 […]