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Tandyn Almer – Along Comes Tandyn (2013)

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TARenowned for writing the hit “Along Comes Mary” recorded by the Association, Tandyn Almer was ahead of his time and couldn’t manage to keep that creative hit momentum going. Since then he has become known as one of the lost pop geniuses of the ’60s. Sundazed released Along Comes Tandyn, which contains 15 unreleased demos that capture the early L.A. blend of sunshine and psych pop of the era. The tracks contain elements of the hallucinogenic jangle of the West Coast Pop Art Experimental Band’s first Reprise album, the early Mamas and Papas — Almer hung out with John & Michelle Phillips — Brian Wilson (Almer co-wrote “Sail on Sailor” and “Marcella” for the Beach Boys), Curt Boettcher, and even, on the track “Face Down in the Mud,” a combination of the Mothers of Invention and the Association! These demos were recorded quickly and the quality is very good, but, more importantly, the obvious thought and effort that were put into both the musical and vocal arrangements makes you wonder what could have been.

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The Sandman’s Orchestra – Nocturne (2013)

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SAThe Sandman’s Orchestra’s influences range from Kate Bush, Nick Drake, Mark Kozelek, Beth Gibbons, to Cat Power, Bill Callahan and Mark Eitzel.The combination of male and female vocals and the blend of acoustic instruments (guitar, banjo, wurlitzer, piano, trumpet, cello, drums) define the duo’s sound.The album is made up of 10 original ballads filled with ghosts and shadows, but the duo stay clear of any « goth » pose ; on the contrary, Nocturne’s songs exude warmth ; the duo’s sound is both organic and atmospheric. Finger-picked guitar, piano, wurlitzer, banjo, drums, cello, flugelhorn, kalimba and percussion .

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Red Tail Ring – The Heart’s Swift Foot (2013)

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REDIn their third full-length album released on Earthwork Music, Michael Beauchamp and Laurel Premo present 10 original songs with two acoustic standards that stretch the confines of what two people can create sonically with guitar, banjo, fiddle, mandolin and dobro. The duo’s signature style, of layered, intricate instrumental lines over close vocal harmonies, shines on this new collection. “We crafted the recording to be as close to our live performance as possible,” Beauchamp says. “We feel we’re at our best when we’re playing together, listening and reacting as we go along.”

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Richard Lindgren – Salvation Hardcore (2007)

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Seductive, beautiful music with a tone of sadness that reminds you of the country tradition of the fifties. And just like “The Boss” Lindgren manages to administer the musical heritage and at the same time contribute with something new. The album is a collection of excellent songs. Salvation Hardcore is probably one of the best […]