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The Belleville Outfit – Time To Stand (2009)

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bellIn some ideal parallel universe Django Reinhardt and Stéphane Grappelli traveled through time to Ft. Worth, TX, and joined the band of the Belleville Outfit to cut the album Time to Stand. The gypsy jazz connection is implicit, and while their music pays homage to both Bob Wills and Reinhardt/Grappelli, this Austin based outfit has an uplifting vibe that’s all its own. The sextet’s musicianship is exemplary throughout and combines Reinhardt’s bounce with the exuberant swing of the Belleville Outfit on 13 tunes that’ll keep your toes tappin’ and your fingers poppin’. Singing fiddler Phoebe Hunt takes the lead on “Time to Stand,” the album’s opener. It’s a Cajun/swing hybrid marked by hot fiddling, sparking piano, and a stuttering backbeat; the lyric sums up Darwin’s theory in three jaunty verses and a bridge. “Nothing’s Too Good for My Baby,” the old Louis Prima and Keely Smith tune, gets a Texas makeover with Hunt and guitarist Rob Teter standing in for the Vegas vets and delivering the jiving lyrics with plenty of sass and sizzle. The Walter Hyatt tune “Outside Looking Out” gets a similar jump blues treatment with Hunt and Teter harmonizing over an energetic track that features a driving acoustic bass solo from Jeff Brown, inspired jazzy fretwork, sparkling piano from Connor Forsyth, and Hunt’s always snappy fiddle. “Let Me Go” is a moody rocker with a hint of Cab Calloway in its hidey ho rhythm; Forsyth’s piano and Hunt’s fiddle accent the tune’s low down feel. Hunt takes lead vocals on “As Good as It Gets” a giddy swing tune full of cheery optimism. Forsyth’s playful piano and Hunt’s crazy fiddling sprinkle the track with cheerfulness. Even on the bluesy tunes, the Outfit’s rousing energy and positive outlook keep things lively. The players are at the top of their game, shifting tempos unexpectedly and adding concise solos that keep the music moving while displaying their impressive chops. This is a cheerful platter guaranteed to chase away the blues and sprinkle a little sunshine around the house every time you put it on.

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Lori McKenna – Blessings Disguised (2013)

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 1 Salt
2 How Romantic Is That
3 Setimes He Does
4 Impossible
5 Map Back To You

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Lauren Mann and the Fairly Odd Folk – Over Land and Sea (2012)

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laThis rustic folk rock album oozes classical touches with modern twists perfect for a generation like ours, whose appreciation for past decades of music still lingers along with our appetite for the new and innovative. As you make your way through this album, you’ll find that Lauren Mann and Co. are a respectable bunch. The own their talents as they fearlessly venture into a path-whacking journey of vintage styles and contemporary approaches. Their indie folk sound is something that can be appreciated by demographics across the board.
Produced by Aaron Marsh (Joshua Michael Robinson, Copeland), the  LP is marked by warm harmonies, earnest, playful songwriting, and rich, earth-toned instrumentation that even includes the ukulele and glockenspiel.

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Sweet Baboo – Ships (2013)

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There’s an endearing sense of modesty to a line like “Daniel Johnston has hundreds of great tunes, and I’ve got six”, especially when it’s sung in the chorus of the first song of an 11-track album. The trouble is, however, is that it’s more flatly accurate than self-deprecating, with the songs on Sweet Baboo‘s Ships […]

The Beatles – Arrive Without Travelling [Remastered Edition] (2011)

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Tracks: 01. Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band (from “The Making Of Sgt. Pepper”) 02. That Means A Lot (takes 23, 24 & ‘test’) 03. I’m So Tired (take 14, from remix session 10-15-68) 04. We Can Work It Out (take 2 with single lead vocal) 05. Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds (from “The […]

Justin Rutledge – Valleyheart (2013)

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Given the quality of the records he’s released regularly, Rutledge has to be considered an under-valued talent. He comes up with another winner with Valleyheart, his fifth album and first on Outside. There’s no great variation in his style with it, although female harmony vocals (via Carina Round) are employed a little more. His regular […]

Grant Lindberg – The Narrows (2013)

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Grant Lindberg is a one-man band recording rock music in the vein of Superdrag, Brendan Benson, Cheap Trick, Jason Falkner, Nirvana and Ash.Without hearing his music you can come to the assumption that his music is both melodic and noisy and you would be correct, the tunes are there, the guitars, the pounding drums and […]

South Filthy – Undertakin’ Daddy (2009)

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Everyone agrees, South Filthy can do no wrong! When these good ole boys sat down together in Austin during South by Southwest back in 2003, the tunes just began to flow- resulting in an Austin/Memphis Roots Rock Soul Explosion! South Filthy features Walter Daniels (Jack O’Fire, Big Foot Chester), Msr.Jeffrey Evans (Gibson Bros., ’68 Comeback), […]

Les Dudek – Delta Breeze (2013)

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Les Dudek is a music legend, who’s contributions have influenced the history of rock n’ roll. His powerful guitar and song writing skills can be heard on many famous classic multi platinum records. Such as: The haunting dual lead guitar on “Ramblin’ Man”, and acoustic guitar on “Jessica”, both from The Allman Brothers Band, (Brothers […]

Chris Wall – El Western Motel (2012)

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It’s been a decade since Chris Wall has given fans a new dose of his smart, insightful and highly listenable country music, but that drought is ending with  release of El Western Motel. A collection of intimate, mostly acoustic tunes inspired by his beloved American West and such influences as the words of Hemingway, Faulker, […]

Moon Duo – Circles Remixed (2013)

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Following the success of last year’s remix 12” of their album Mazes, the hypnotic-psychedelic duo of Ripley Johnson (Wooden Shjips) and Sanae Yamada AKA Moon Duo celebrate Record Store Day 2013 with a 12” of remixes from their new album ‘Circles’. Featuring remixes by Tom Furse (The Horrors), Life Coach (Phil Manly of Trans Am), Eric Copeland (Black Dice) and […]

R.E.M. – Live In Greensboro [EP] (2013)

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In anticipation of the R.E.M. Green 25th Anniversary Edition coming May 14th, Rhino release a limited edition, five-track EP as part of Record Store Day. This exclusive CD features a handful of performances from the Greensboro show that, due to space constraints, are not found on the Deluxe Edition, including the Green track “I Remember […]

Mumford And Sons – Live From Bull Moose [EP] (2013)

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The album is available exclusively on Record Store Day at Record Store Day participating stores, and will not be available anywhere else in the same formats. Recorded live at the Bull Moose in Scarborough, Maine on August 3, 2012. mp3 320 kbps | 53 MB | UL | CL