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Skip Jensen – Strasbourg (2013)

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SKIPSkip Jensen started his recording career by forming well-known Montreal garage rock trio Scat Rag Boosters but also Stack O’ Lees, Wrong Doers and he played drums with The Demon’s Claws.
He had a bunch of songs the he’d written that just didn’t seem to fit in anywhere, so he created Skip Jensen his solo project.
Now, he’s got a band backing him up to create his brand of supersonical rock’n’roll.

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Sudo – Caligula (2013)

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SUThis Nordic trio blends swampy Beefheartian sounds and hypnotic psychedelia. Late 1960’s era Can shaking hands with John Cipollina.


01 – Soul Balsam
02 – Snow
03 – Endless Highway
04 – Phantom
05 – Resonance
06 – Dog + Master
07 – Gaius Calicula
08 – Red
09 – Burn
10 – Sunrise

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Gene Clark – Here Tonight: The White Light Demos (2013)

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gGene Clark White Light is perhaps the greatest of Gene Clark‘s solo albums.White Light was released in 1971 and while it was trippier, dreamier than anything Clark produced before, it paled in comparison to the wild, intricate psychedelia that came later, particularly on 1974′s coke-blown No Other.Compared to that, White Light feels minimalist but Here Tonight: The White Light Demos, a collection released by Omnivore in 2013, is even sparer, capturing Clark alone with his acoustic guitar, working out the songs that would wind up on the finished album, along with tunes that would surface later.

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Willie Nelson And Family – Let’s Face The Music and Dance (2013)

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Like the man himself, this stunning collection is not easily defined by genre or style. The songs include American standards and country classics, Irving Berlin and Carl Perkins, Django Reinhart as well as Willie-penned originals. Yet the result is a beautiful, cohesive set songs about love and reflection in Willie’s inimitable style. It is a […]

Delbert McClinton & Dick 50 – Acquired Taste (2009)

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Delbert McClinton fittingly begins Acquired Taste, his 13th studio album,with a boogied-up version of “Shortnin’ Bread”, the traditional folk classic. It nicely declares the album’s ambition: over the course of 13 more songs, McClinton delves into the American songbook and offers his own interpretation of many of its forms. Rock, pop, country, soul, blues, funk, […]

Wild Billy Childish & Big Russ Wilkins – Laughing Gravy (1987)

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Tracks: 1 Baby What You Want Me To Do?          2 We Are What We Own 3 2×7 4 Black Girl 5 Little Bettina 6 Laughing Gravy 7 I Need Lovin’ 8 Got To Get You Outside My Head 9 1/4 After 9 10 Bring It On Home mp3 160 kbps | 27 […]

Palace Soundtrack – Songs Put Together For (The Broken Giant) (1996)

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A soundtrack released in 1996 by Palace Soundtracks (aka Will Oldham, Palace Music, Palace Brothers, etc.) for the 1998 film The Broken Giant directed by Estep Nagy. The release features the highly under rated Palace tunes “Black/Rich Tune” and “The Risen Lord”. Tracks: 1 Organ: Watch With Me 2 Do What You Will Do 3 […]

Skip Spence – Oar [Original recording reissued, Original recording remastered] (1968/1999)

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The only solo album from this former Jefferson Airplane and Moby Grape cult hero is something of a legend. Cut in four days all by himself, it bombed upon its release in 1969. Nevertheless, Spence’s legend has led to devotion from such fans as Tom Waits, Robert Plant, Beck, and R.E.M.. Oar features quiet, stark […]