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Junip – Junip (2013)

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Junip is a band from Gothenburg, Sweden, comprising members Elias Araya, Tobias Winterkorn, and José González. Though their first EP came out way back in 2005, they are only now releasing their second full-length album, Junip, which arrives on April 23rd. Singer/guitarist González’ much-lauded solo career has kept him away from the band for big chunks of time. It’s been worth the wait.


01. Line of Fire
02. Suddenly
03. So Clear
04. Your Life Your Call
05. Villain
06. Walking Lightly
07. Head First
08. Baton
09. Beginnings
10. After All Is Said and Done

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Edith Frost – Wonder Wonder (2001)

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edA gifted songwriter with a knack for sad, ethereal country songs, Edith Frost stands apart from the No Depression pack with her willingness to experiment. Her first album, Calling over Time, suspended her tender melodies and drawling vocals in an oddly detached celestial haze; 1998’s Telescopic replaced the haze with a thick layer of electric fuzz. On Wonder Wonder, the fog lifts, and what emerges is Frost’s most straightforward and focused album to date. It’s tempting to call this a return to basics, but that’s not entirely accurate; indeed, with more than a dozen supporting players, it’s certainly her most ambitious production (thanks to Rian Murphy). Frost’s songwriting is as reliably strong as ever, with a noticeably lighter touch to even the most melancholy songs. The title track has a nicely jaunty feel (complete with a clarinet break), and the upbeat, ornate “Cars and Parties” sounds like a hit single for a better world. Edith Frost has long occupied her own unique space somewhere between the country and indie-rock worlds, and Wonder Wonder is another worthwhile addition to her impressive catalog.

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Great Peacock – Great Peacock (2013)

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Perhaps audacious to predict, but I think this self-titled five-track EP from Nashville’s Great Peacock will rank among the better Americana releases of 2013.  And even if it doesn’t, it will have introduced fans of the genre to a new talented player on the scene.  The band is comprised of Andrew Nelson and Blount Floyd, two former rockers who’ve dialed back the volume and rage.  Instead, to remarkable effect, they have ramped up the storytelling and emphasized joy.

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Hem – Departure & Farewell (2013)

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Departure & Farewell is vital, ambitious; Hem sound renewed (they aren’t breaking up). Many, including the opening title track, “Walking Past the Graveyard, Not Breathing,” “Traveler’s Song,” and others make use of a large chamber orchestra (usually in parts) with winds, brass, and strings. Particularly effective are “Gently Down the Stream,” with its woven electric […]

Gene Clark ‎– Collector’s Series: Early L.A. Sessions (1972)

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Early in 1967, CBS released the original version of this album under the title “Gene Clark with the Gosdin Brothers.” Perhaps it was ahead of its time. Gene Clark and his producer and friend Jim Dickson weren’t happy with it either. When they learned that CBS planned to re-release the album (feeling that perhaps now […]

Kate Wolf – Back Roads (1976)

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Wolf’s debut album introduced an approach that would, in most essential respects, vary little over the next decade: gentle, slightly mournful country/folk songs with a strong narrative voice, and a semi-rural Californian ambience with the frequent evocation of golden, natural landscapes. Even at this stage, Wolf stood out from the pack with her restrained, tasteful […]

The Danberrys – The Danberrys (2013)

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The Danberrys have worked and performed with some of Nashville’s most talented young musicians including Ethan Ballinger, Ryan Cavanaugh, Ryan Furst, Geoff Henderson, Christian Sedelmeyer, Jake Winebrenner and Mike Witcher. Drawing deep from the blues, folk, bluegrass and soul/funk traditions, the Danberrys deliver inspired original tunes featuring strong harmonies and dynamic musicianship.Drawing deep from the […]

Greg Brown – The Poet Game (1994)

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The Poet Game is another great selection of twelve songs from singer/songwriter Greg Brown.Is there anything greater than Greg Brown’s voice? His voice is like this very cool, very comforting friend speaking right into your ear to your brain. His songs are often misleadingly simple. But there is so much there, so much to hold […]

Inland Sea – The Passion (2012)

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Tracks: 1. The gift 2. Hushing the whispers 3. Two 4. The crossing 5. Easter 6. Weak 7. He’s your son 8. Soul weather 9. Blind mp3 VBR~257 kbps | 67 MB | UL | CL

Ooga Boogas – Ooga Boogas (2013)

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Trying to keep up with Eddy Current Suppression Ring-related bands can be a fulltime job. Also a fulfilling one, as most of them have been pretty terrific. The most recent is the just-released, self-titled second album from Ooga Boogas which features Mikey Young from ECSR members of other Melbourne, AU bands like The Onyas and […]

Belleville Outfit – Wanderin (2008)

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Every couple of years, a group of acoustic musicians hits Austin and wins over an audience hungry for an eclectic musical mix. Like the Greencards and Hot Club of Cowtown before them, the Belleville Outfit possesses seemingly unlimited potential and youthful musical chops to awe the most jaded ears. Formed from the ashes of the […]