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Counting Crows – Echoes of The Outlaw Roadshow (2013)

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This Month (April) after a four year absence, Counting Crows will release yet another live album. From some bands this would seem lazy, especially as their last ‘proper’ album was all cover versions, but over the years Counting Crows have built a reputation for their impressive live performances. Lead singer Adam Duritz has always brought something different to the songs on stage, with his enthusiastic story telling and sometimes intense performance, alongside a constant altering of the songs’ arrangements.

Most of the time that is hard to capture in a recording, but there is always something to discover with each interpretation with sprinklings of mini cover versions during many of their own tracks. It’s a trick repeated here with a splash of Elbow appearing on the excellent Rain King from their debut August & Everything After. Only one other track appears from the same album and that’s the epic Round Here, a staple of their live shows – and it’s dragged out to a lengthy 10 minutes here with lyrics from Van Morrison woven into the middle section.

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Wynter Poe – Long Lost Friend: A Family Album (2013)

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WYWynter Poe is a singer/songwriter,her jazzy and soulful voice blends with the haunting folk of her music to create songs that make you question and think, all the while taking on the atmosphere and emotions of each different tune. She loves to read back on old journals from her traveling days and extract the beauty of her experiences to share with others through her music. Her first full-length album entitled, “Lost Lost Friend: A Family Album” drops on iTunes on January 19th, 2013. Spine-tingling and beautiful, Long Lost Friend: A Family Album, is Wynter Poe’s first full-length album release. It speaks to the senses and soothes the soul. Although her sound is quite unique, it’s hard to describe exactly how or what it makes you feel, unless you compare it to musicians and bands you’ll reminisce of when you listen to her album. It’s obvious there’s a lot of jazz and folk music heavily influenced in this album.

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Shawn Howard – Train To Texarkana (2013)

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shawnThis timeless series of original songs is composed in the tradition of 1970s style country music melody line. An American Country / Folk Tradition Revival Classic. Americana which speaks to the heart and soul of America today…

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Eric Bogle with John Munro – A Toss of the Coin

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This album takes a slightly different direction to Eric’s most recent recordings in that Eric sings ten of the songs, while John Munro not only contributes two new songs but sings them as well. Of Eric’s songs, seven are entirely works by him, one other is a poem to which Eric has written the music, […]

Jeff Beadle – The Huntings End (2013)

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Jeff Beadle is a singer & songwriter from Toronto. Guitar & Vocals by Jeff Beadle Harmonica by Frank Gairdner Tracks: 1.This Ain’t Heaven 03:32 2.Cautious Lovers 05:42 3.Heartbreak Hood 04:46 4.Devil’s Arms 04:08 5.Silver Zippo Lighter 04:04 6.Nicotine Hands 05:13 7.Street Lamps 05:10 mp3 320 kbps | 79 MB | UL

Dirty Fences – Too High to Kross (2013)

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Too High To Kross is a real blast from the past, like discovering an amazing old band from the best period in punk rock. It is certainly worth noting that although strongly reminiscent of iconic punk and rock and roll bands Dirty Fences retains their individuality through uniquely powerful guitar riffs and surprisingly well structured […]